SAP BW/BI Interview Questions

Define SAP BW/BI?

SAP BW/BI is a Business Information Warehouse, also called as business intelligence. It allows the user to examine information from operative SAP applications also from other business.

Define dimension in BW?

The collection of reference data about a measurable event in data warehousing is known as dimensions in BW.

How the B/W statistics is important?

It is important because it is useful in measuring the performance of how quickly the queries are calculated or how quickly the data is loaded into BW.

What is an InfoObject and why it is used in SAP BI?

Info Objects are known as smallest unit in SAP BI and are used in Info Providers, DSO’s, Multi providers, etc. Each Info Provider contains multiple Info Objects.

InfoObjects are used in reports to analyze the data stored and to provide information to decision makers.

What is the use of Infoarea in SAP BW system?

Info Area in SAP BI are used to group similar types of object together. Info Area are used to manage Info Cubes and Info Objects. Each Info Objects resides in an Info Area and you can define it a folder which is used to hold similar files together.

What is InfoObject catalog?

InfoObjects are created in Info Object catalog. It is possible that an Info Object can be assigned to different Info Catalog.

When you define aggregates, what are the available options?

H Hierarchy

F fixed value


Explain the different between Operation Data store, InfoCube and MultiProvider?

ODS −They provide granular data, allows overwrite and data is in transparent tables, ideal for drilldown and RRI.

InfoCube −This is used for star schema, we can only append data, ideal for primary reporting.

MultiProvider −It contains a physical data and allow to access data from different InfoProviders.

Explain the data target administration task ?

The data target administration task are delete index, generate index, construct database statistics, initial fill of new aggregates, etc.

What are the options available in transfer rule?

ABAP routine or a Formula

Assign a Constant

Assign info object

What all options are available in transfer rule?





How we can debug errors with SAP GUI ?

To debug errors in SAP GUI we have to follow the path

a) Run Bexanalyzer

b) Business Explorer menu item

c) Installation check

It will show an excel sheet with start button, on clicking on it, it will verify the GUI installation

Define the term ‘slowly changing dimension?

Slowly changing dimensions is the dimension that changes with time.