Rapid Deployment solutions in SAP Hana

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22nd September, 2020




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Rapid Deployment solutions.


SAP has delivered Rapid marts to reduce the development duration period. In that Rapid marts well will get the below files   


We have mentioned installation before previews topics are phase refer them

  • .DDL file --- if index files do not verify DDL Provides
  • .ATL file
  • Index files
  • Attribute view file
  • analytic view file
  • calculate the view file
  • .DFX file
  • .VLX file
  • .CNX file
  • .BIARI file
  • .XLF file

 .DDL file:- if index files are not working DDL provides a set of SQL statements to create schema & Tables

.ATL file:- It is a ‘DS” file which contains DS for SAP R3 DS for SAP HANA, a project which contains Job to transfer data form Table  R3 --- HANA tables

NOTE:- If you don’t have DDL or index files we can import tables under DS for data strove for SAP HANA for ‘DS’ directly [Before doing these step we need to create schema manually in SAL Editor by providing the command “Create / Schema <schema name>]

Index files:- It contains the catalog in the form of a folder that organize all tables in the form of folders. The table folder contains a SQL query for creating a table and.CTL file in an XML file, attribute folder it combines binary files.

[Before importing tables we need to keep index files in HANA DB in specified path] We need to keep in a specified path.


(XX---instance number) We can import those files from HANA DB select in import option in HANA Studio navigation File         

Select tables select target HANA system                        

Select above mention path and Next                     

Type<schema name>, <Table Name> and click on add. Select import selection type Import selection  


  • Catalog + data
  • Catalog only
  • Replace the existing tables
  • So, will get tables

Attribute view file:- This file is for attribute view:

Analytic view file:- This file is for analytic view

Calculate view file: This file is for calculate view

.DFX file:- IT is a data foundation files for BO enterprises contains structure (a combination of views & tables)

.DLX file:- it is a business layer file which contains the Data foundation

.CNX file:- Which contains JDBC connections for HANA of BO enterprises

.BIAR file:- it is a backup file for DO enterprise which contains universe design too, web & other reports

.XLF file:-We contains dashboards, for reaped analytics


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Place Index file HANA DB installed directly

/use SAP/HAN/DDXX/work

Import Table from HANA DB by selecting the option in HANA studio, file                 


select tables                                

select work directory (HANA DB installed directory)                  

type schema name, table name/schema name .*                               

Click on add


  • Catalog + data
  • Catalog only
  • Replace the existing tables

If the above step is not working will SAP has delivered.DBL file to create schema & tables

Go to  SQL Editor on SAP HANA studio parte SWL DDL file and execute and refresh the catalog folder, so with object server  catalog with tables  

Import.ATC files into DS to

  • After importing ATL we get Datastore for R3 data store for HANA and projects.
  • Configure RS Datastore by providing R3 creditors like server name – user ID,-- password, client number, system number works directions
  • Configure HANA DATA STORE by providing creditors Like ODBC connection, version, user name, password
  • Execute the Job under the project.
  • Go to SAP HANA studio and refresh catalog preview the data of table whether data is there or not


SAP HANA Tutorials


Importing information models:

Click on file; import select information models select path & ok So we will get package and information models – witch packages  

Notes:- This information model will activate only when correct tables & correct catalog name, otherwise they don’t activate and activate    

Restore backup file:

We can restore universe & Reports from the BLAR file by using the upgrade manager

  • Select process type – complete upgrade type (BIAR to live) Provide DIAR file Path provide authentication details of BO enterprise and the select universe, reports users provides access control and finish
  • So we will get UDT, which contains structures, objects
  • So we need to connect our universe & into HANA DB

By providing ODBC, connection for the universe

Directly creating connection in HANA data stores in HANA DB

Above steps for only UDI  

IDT activities:

Log on to IDT  -  create a project – Place.CNX,DFX, .BLX in specified path   C:/uses/username/.business objects/ BIM BI modeler – 14/work

  • So will get data foundation, connection, business layer
  • So edit connection by providing HANA ODBC connection Exporting into system Repository
  • Activate Data foundations & activate the Business layer and export business layer into system reporting log on to analysis. WebI, explorer, Dashboards end connect our rapid IDT for Rapid reports.
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