Queue Recovery in WebSphere MQ
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Create a new queue manager named “Excercise3QM” with linear logging. Linear logging keeps the log data in a continuous sequence of files. Syntax : crtmqm -ll -lp 30 -ls 20 -lf 10000 -ld C:\logs Excercise3QM Parameter description -ll: Use linear logging. -lp (Log Primary Files): The log files allocated when the queue manager is created. -ls (Log Secondary Files) : The log files allocated when the primary files are exhausted. -lf (Log File Pages) : The log data is held in a series of files called log files. The log file size is specified in units of 4 KB pages. -ld (Log Path): The directory used to hold log files. In this case C:\logs If the log path is not defined explicitly, then default path will be : Windows   C:\Program Files\IBM\WebSphere MQ\log\Queue_Manager_Name\active UNIX/AIX     /var/mqm/log/DEF_QM/active Start queue manager “Excercise3QM”. Create a persistence queue called “ ” Syntax: DEF QL(QL1) DEFPSIST(YES) PUT messages in queue “QL1” using amqsput command. Syntax: amqsput QL1 Excercise3QM Restart queue manager “Excercise3QM” Syntax: endmqm -i  Excercise3QM strmqm Excercise3QM Verify message in queue using amqsgbr command. Syntax:  amqsgbr QL1 Excercise3QM Execute command rcdmqimg against the queue QL1. Syntax: rcdmqimg -m Excercise3QM -t ql QL1 PUT some messages in queue “QL1” using amqsput command. Simulate Crash by deleting queue definition file. Locate the file implementing local queue QL1 within the file system and damage the queue by deleting the file. This file is called 'q'. Search into following folder according to system type Windows      C:\Program Files\IBM\WebSphere MQ\qmgrs\Excercise3QM\queues\QL1\Q UNIX/AIX   /var/mqm/qmgrs/Excercise3QM/queues/QL1/Q Restart queue manager “Excercise3QM” Syntax: endmqm -i Excercise3QM strmqm Excercise3QM Verify messages in QL1 by using amqsgbr command. There will be an error while browsing the message. Display the definition of QL1 by using DISPLAY command. There will be an error while trying to display definition. Recover messages and the Definition of the Queue “QL1” by using rcrmqobj Syntax: rcrmqobj -m Excercise3QM -t ql QL1 Verify message & definition of QL1 to check if the messages & definition are recovered successfully. To view status of queue manager with log file details. Syntax:  DISPLAY QMSTATUS RECLOG --> Restart DISPLAY QMSTATUS MEDIALOG --> Media Recovery File DISPLAY QMSTATUS CURRLOG --> Current Log File Check out our Related Articles

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