Query Importing and Exporting in TeraData

13 October, 2020

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Query man TD12/SQLA TD13 Importing and exporting

Tools  2 options  2export/import

Use this delimiter between column   2  click ok  

Exporting Step

  • Open query man
  • File menu2 export results
  • Select the query press’f5’
  • File name 3the exportàsave

Importing Steps

  • Delete the Header for the input file
  • File 2INPUT DATA
  • Insert into emp(????)
  • Specified the file  2 Click open

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Simple subquery

2Display employee details whose dept available in dept table

Ans: Sel*From emp;

Sel*From Dept;

Sel*From emp-Address; Select* emp where deptid in(Select deptid From Dept)

2Display Dept‘s name which does not have an employee?

Ans: Sel*From Dept  where deptid not in(Select deptid From Dept)

2Display Top 3 salary condate sub-Quer;

Ans: Select district (a. party income) From party a where3>( salary count(district(b. party income) ) From party b where a. party income< b. party income)  

Note: for nth max salary Top n salaries we have to go for either of the below wants

  OLAP function  

Note Sub Query always return first Query column only(outer Query any)    

1 A 20
2 B 30
3 C 40

Emp   Dept

DidD                                                             Did Dcat DLOC
10 IT  
20 HR  
30 Sales  

 Emp –address

EDI Address

  Sel * from emp.e, dept.d where did = d.did

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