Oracle SOA 10g

BPEL: (Business process execution language)

Definition: Orchestration of services (or) Sequence of services

SOA(Service Oriented Architecture):

It’s middleware technology.

ADF(Application development framework) Web logic versions: , 10.3.5 – 10.3.6 Cloud On-premise Cluster

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Rename project:

  • Assign and transform
  • Receive (correct mark) create an instance
  • Wait
  • Invoke

  1. call adapters
  2. call WSDL

  • Empty
  • Terminate
  • Switch

  1. Case
  2. Otherwise

  • Throw, catch and catch all
  • Scope
  • Flow- Nonblocking invoke = true (Multithreading)
  • Compensate
  • Pick

  1. on Message (Receive)-> at least one
  2. On alarm (Wait) -> one/none

  • while
  • Replay, partner link

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