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Oracle Data Guard ensures high availability, data protection, and disaster recovery for enterprise data. Data Guard provides a comprehensive set of services that create, maintain, manage, and monitor one or more standby databases to enable production Oracle databases to survive disasters and data corruptions. Data Guard maintains these standby databases as transactionally consistent copies of the production database.

Oracle Data Guard Training Curriculum

Introduction to Data Guard

Causes of Data Loss, Oracle Data Guard Architecture, Types of Standby Databases (benefits of each type), Using the Data Guard Broker, Differentiating Between Standby Databases and Data Guard Broker Configuration, Data Protection Modes, Performing Role Transitions

Creating a Physical Standby (SQL & RMAN)

Preparing the Primary, Force Logging, Configuring Standby Redo Logs, Logfiles on the Standby, Standby Redo Logs, Using SQL to Create SRLs, Initialization Parameters on Primary, Role-Based Destinations, Redo Transport Mode, Oracle Net for Physical Standby, Creating a Listener Entry, Copying the Primary’s Password File, Standby Init.ora File, Directory Path on the Target, Starting the Physical Standby, Invoking RMAN, Real-Time Apply, Starting Redo Apply, Standby on the Same Server, Data Corruption, Lost Write Detection

Overview of Data Guard Broker

Data Guard Broker Components, Broker Configuration, Data Guard Broker Architecture, DMON Process, Benefits of Using Data Guard Broker, DGMRL Commands,  Enterprise Manager

Creating a Data Guard Broker Configuration

Requirements, Configuration File, Log Files, Workflow, Changing Properties, Database Properties, Disable Broker Management

Creating a Physical Standby Using Enterprise Manager

Creating Physical Standby, Physical Standby via EM

Configuring Data Protection Modes

Data Protection Modes, Maximum Protection, Maximum Availability, Maximum Performance, Comparisons, How to Set the Mode, Using Grid Control to Set the Mode

Monitoring a Data Guard Configuration

Monitoring Using Enterprise Manager, Viewing Data Guard Status, Data Guard Performance, Viewing Data Guard Performance, Viewing Log Files, Data Guard Metrics, Viewing Diagnostic Information, Destination Settings

Optimizing a Data Guard Configuration

Monitoring Performance, Optimizing Redo Transport, Optimizing Redo Transmissions, MaxConnections Database Property, RedoCompression Property, Delaying the Application of Redo

Using Flashback Database in a Data Guard Configuration

Flashback Database, Configuring Flashback Database, Enable Flashback Database, Flash Recovery Area, Flashback and Role Transitions, Flashback Database After Failover, Flashback Database Scenario

Performing Role Transitions

Role Transitions, Role Management Services, Switchover, Switchover Using DGMGRL, Switchover Using Enterprise Manager, Problems, Failover, Failover Using DGMGRL, Re-enable Disabled Databases, Failover Using Enterprise Manager, Failover – Back on the Standby

Backup and Recovery Considerations

RMAN in Data Guard, Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA), Offload Backups to a Physical Standby, Usage, RMAN Recovery Catalog, Create the Recovery Catalog, Register the Primary Database, Persistent Configuration Settings, RMAN Parameters for Primary, RMAN Parameters for Standby, Daily Incremental, RMAN Script, Loss of Data File on Primary, Using a Backup, Using the Physical Standby, Recovering a File on the Standby, Block Media Recovery

Managing Client Connectivity

Client Connectivity Issues, Helping Make the Right Connection, Managing Services, Client Failover, Automating Client Failover, Client Failover Components, Automatic Failover to a New Primary, Data Guard Broker and FAN, OCI Clients, OLE DB Clients, JDBC Clients, AFTER STARTUP Trigger, Service Names and tnsnames.ora File

Patching & Upgrading Databases in a Data Guard Configuration

Data Guard Broker, Upgrading with a Physical Standby, Rolling Upgrade Workflow, Rolling Upgrade

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