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17th September, 2018




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How to create a user in OpenStack?

sudo nova-manage user create user-name

How to assign a project/tenant to a user?

By using the command sudo nova-manage user create user-name

Can we see the list of roles and associated IDs in OpenStack environment?

Yes, by using keystone role-list

Define the role of API Server?

It provides an interface for the external world to interact with the cloud infrastructure.

List the commands to generate Key pairs?

ssh-keygen cd .ssh nova keypair-add –pub_key mykey

Define bare-metal node?

Bare-metal node grants access to control bare-metal driver that handles the provisioning of OpenStack Compute physical hardware utilizing the standard cloud APIs and tools like Heat. It is generally used for single tenant clouds like high-performance cluster computing. For using the bare-metal driver, a network interface must be created with the bare-metal node inserted into it. Afterwards, users can launch an instance from the node. Users can also list and delete bare-metal nodes by removing the associated network instances.

List down the Networking hardware in OpenStack?

Networks Routers Subnets Ports Vendor Plugins

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Define Hypervisor?

Hypervisor is a term to define virtual machine monitor (VMM) including hardware, software and firmware components running on a virtual machine. Host machine is the one having hypervisor with one or more virtual machines. OpenStack Compute allows multiple hypervisors. There are functionalities to choose one among them for a specific purpose.

What is Token?

Token is a type of authentication similar to password-based validation. A token gets generated once the user inserts the credentials and authenticates as a Keystone user. The token can then be used to access OpenStack services without any revalidation. It is interesting to note that a token is active for a limited period and must be renewed after regular intervals. To create a token, users first need to authenticate their Keystone credentials.

What is OpenStack Python SDK?

Python SDK (Software Development Kit) helps users to write applications for performing automation tasks in Python by calling Python objects. It provides a platform to work with multiple OpenStack services at one place. It consists of language bindings to access OpenStack clouds, complete API reference, easy interaction with REST API and sample code for initial applications.

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