A new database model without COM

Solution for .NET:

.NET technology has been introduced with ADO.NET (active data objects for .NET) using which the .NET application developed using any language targeting .Net can interact with any database or XML. 



Whenever an application supports multiple languages (Tel, Hindi, eng, Arabic…) and cultures then it is said to be supporting globalization.


Solution using .NET:

.NET technology has been included with rich base class library support and also satellite resource assembly files for supporting globalization.



.NET: It is a collection or platform of many small technologies integrated as single large technology for developing a powerful application that can be used anywhere anytime.


Frame Work (2.0)




These are used to build any type of applications.

Ex: VB.NET, C# etc



These are used to compile the application developed using the language to generate the native code of platform for its execution.

Ex: VBC, CSC, CL etc


Common Language Specification [CLS]

It is a common specification provided by the .NET frame work which should be followed by any language that targets the .NET



Language interoperability in .NET is achieved with the support of CLS.


Common type system [CTS]:

It is a collection of data types provided by the .NET Framework which can be used by any language that targets: .NET

Ex: VB.NET1.X doesn’t support unsigned data types and hence in order to use an unsigned datatype in VB.NET1.X, CTS data types should be used by that language. 


Windows Forms [Win Forms]:

It is a specification provided by the .NET for developing the desktop applications and client-server applications.


It is a specification for developing websites and the services.