VB.Net 4 or VB.10:

  • Introduction to .NET
  • Net Fundamentals
  • OOP implementation using VB.Net
  • Windows Forms application
  • Windows Presentation Foundation [WPF]
  • Net [Interacting with Database]
  • Introduction to COM [Component Object Model]
  • .Net Assembling
  • Private Assembly
  • Shared Assembly
  • Satellite Resource Assembly
  • Delay Signed Assembly]
  • Multi File Assembly
  • COM Interoperability

Using COM Components from .NET

Using .NET Assemblies from COM

  • Developing Voice enabled Applications using .NET
  • Multi-Threading
  • Windows Services
  • Crystal reports
  • Microsoft Reports


Untitled .Net Assemblies

  • Private Assembly
  • Shared Assembly
  • Satellite Resource Assembly
  • Delay signed Assembly
  • Multi File Assembly


UntitledCOM Interoperability

  • Using COM components from >NET
  • Using >NET Assembly from COM

UntitledDeveloping voice enabled application using >NET

Untitled Multi – threading

UntitledWindows services

Untitled Crystal Reports

UntitledMicrosoft reports

We use SAP crystal reports

  • Distributed Technology using .Net Remoting
  • Smart Device Application.
  • Setup and Deployment

Why Microsoft introduced .NET technology





Limitation [Before COM]

The code written in one language cannot be used from other language. For this we have one solution is COM



Using this language we can develop good application and can interact with data             peripherals devices etc.



It can be interact with network, peripherals etc. COM interacts with data, peripherals and             N/W and prepares the graph to complete the task.




Language Interoperability [code written in one language used from other language apps is called as language Interoperability]

  • DLL Hell
  • Versioning


DLL HellUntitled When two applications use two components with same name where the component functionality is different

VersioningUntitled Some version is free service some are paid service.

VB6: Only on windows




Challenges of Microsoft:

  • Language Independency
  • Language Interoperability
  • Platform Independently
  • Device Independency
  • Security
  • A new Database Model without COM
  • Globalization


Solution from Microsoft: .Net