MVC Rules and Regulation in JSF

17 September, 2018

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MVC Rules and Regulation

  2In MVC based web application controller must be a servlet and view part must be a set of JSP pages, we should not interchange those two components,   2In MVC based web application we have to send all the requests to controller component only, not to view part, In MVC based web applications, only view part has to generate dynamic response to client, not controller.   2In case of MVC based web application, both controller and view should not interact with data base directly, they have to interact with data base through model part only   2In MVC based web application, controller should interact with model part only to set the data , not to get the data but view part should in with model part only to get the data, not to set he data   2In MVC based web applications there is no restriction about no. of JSP Pages in view part but all he JSP Pages must be provided without java code   2In case of MVC web applications we can provide any no.of JSP pages in view parted but we must provide page controller page navigation, we must not provide page to page navigations,