Linux Interview Questions

Q1) How to check and verify the status of the bond interface?

Ans: Using the command ‘cat /proc/net/bonding/bond0,’ we can check what mode is enabled and what LAN cards are used in this bond. In this example, we have one bond interface. However, we can have multiple bond interfaces like bond1, bond2, and so on.

Q2) What do you understand by Linux Kernal? Is it legal to edit it?


  • Kernal essentially refers to that core component of the PC working framework that gives fundamental administrations to alternate parts and in addition connects with client summons. With regards to 'Linux Kernal, it is referred to as low-level system software providing an interface for user-level interactions.
  • Linux Kernal is considered as free and open-source programming which is fit for managing hardware resources for the clients. As it is released under General Public License (GPL), it winds up legal for anybody to alter it.

Q3) What are LINUX basic components?

Ans: Linux operating system basically consists of 3 components

Kernal, System Library, System utility

Q4) How can we use LINUX?

Ans: LINUX is used widely because it is completely different from other operating systems with something extra i.e. some additional features

  • It is an open-source operating system where programmers get the advantage of designing their own custom OS.
  • Software and the server licensing required to install Linux is completely free and can be installed on many computers as required.
  • It has low or minimum but controllable issues with viruses, malware, etc
  • It is highly secured and supports multiple file systems.

Q5) Define GUI?

Ans: GUI stands for the Graphical user interface. GUI is considered as the most attractive and user-friendly because it consists of the usage of images and icons.

Q6) Define CLI?

Ans: CLI stands for Command Line Interface. It is a way for humans to interact with computers and is also known as a Command-line user interface.

Q7) What is the maximum length for any file name under LINUX?

Ans: The maximum length for any filename under Linux is 255 characters.

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Q8) How to Enable ACLs for /home partition?

Ans: Add following entry in /etc/fstab LABEL=/home /home ext3 acl 1 2 Now remount /home partition with acl option. mount -t ext3 -o acl /dev/sda3 /home

Q9) How do you create an ext4 file system?

Ans: # mke2fs -t ext4 /dev/DEV

Q10) What is the name and path of the main system log?

Ans: By default, the main system log is ‘/var/log/messages’. This file contains all the messages and the script written by the user. By default, all scripts are saved in this file. This is the standard system log file, which contains messages from all system software, non-kernel boot issues, and messages that go to ‘dmesg’. dmesg is a system file that is written upon system boot.

Q11) What is partial backup?

Ans: When you select only a portion of your file hierarchy or a single partition to back up, it is called partial backup.


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Q12) What is the basic difference between UNIX and Linux Operating System?

Ans: Linux Operating System is Free and Open Source Software, the kernel of which is created by Linus Torvalds and the community. Well, you can not say UNIX Operating System doesn’t come under the category of Free and Open Source Software, BSD is a variant of UNIX which comes under the category of FOSS. Moreover Big companies like Apple, IBM, Oracle, HP, etc. are contributing to UNIX Kernel.