To join multiple views, tables, projections

Here we must join two tables which inner join, outer join

And we need to provide cardinalities

Sclera we can create new columns and visible


In Union will get source field pave and target field pave

Select columns for output pave drag them into target pave and map source fields and target fields

And we can map multiple source fields in single target fields

Whatever we take columns in target pave will get those objects in output stricture

And classify objects as attributes, measures.

These core tutorials will help you to learn the Joins and Unions in SAP HANA. For an in-depth understanding and practical experience,  explore SAP HANA Training Material PDF.

Calculated View with Script

Create package

Create calculated view with script

Provide script, in script block

Add & provide columns name & type that will be acts as output for output structure

Connect our script component to output component in fist screen

Classify attributes & measures’ in Output component and activate


For this view, we used to at least cue measure

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