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Welcome to JIRA Tutorials. The objective of these tutorials is to provide an in-depth understanding of JIRA.

In addition to free JIRA Tutorials, we will cover common interview questions, issues, and how to’s of HTML.


Introduction to JIRA

JIRA is a software tool that has been developed by an Australian company. This tool is used for Bug Tracking, Issue Tracking, and Project Management. It allows you to assign, prioritize, report, and audit your 'Issues' of a Project or change request.

It is an extensible platform as it is customized different units and workflow of a project by using Agile methodology.

It improves productivity by saving time and improves quality by ensuring all task information and follow-ups until the completion of a project.


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Project Management and Issue tracking, We need a tool that can fulfill bellow given requirements.
  • The manager can create a new software project.
  • User can describe information and additional points which are discussed with the team regarding the software project.
  • Users can maintain and track the progress of software projects.
  • Users can track what types of issues have been faced during the development phase.
  • Users can track what type of issues have been Posted by the Software QA team.
  • What are the enhancements and changes have been done during the Process?
  • The whole team can be aware of all the communications.
  • The managing person can assign tasks to team members for managing Projects.
  • Users can search for tasks, Issues, etc..
  • The team can give their feedback for more improvements.
  • Reports for all the procedures should be created.
Above listed functionality has been satisfied by JIRA Project Management software which we are going to learn. We will learn how JIRA can manage everything, how we can use this tool properly this all query will be solved soon.

Installation of JIRA on windows

  • JIRA can be used as a cloud environment and Server or a Company's own environment.
  • For the Cloud environment, the User does not need to install Jira software.
  • For the Server, the User needs to install JIRA on the Server or System.
  • JIRA is a licensed version software project management tool. The user has to but it.
  • They also give 30 days free trial.


After download, Take the .exe file on the desktop do double click on the icon, and 'Run' it.

Now you need to click on the 'Next' button.


Then again one screen will be displayed, here you need to select 'Custom Install'

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We can do the installation for the server and a particular system.


Select the destination directory and click on ‘Next’.



Use default ports first. If 8080 port is used here, You can enter here Server's Port also. JIRA will run on that particular port only.


This is the last step for the installation of the Customize service of  JIRA.

Now If the user wants to access JIRA then he should enter the URL as IP Address: Port number/

For Example

Take Here IP Address(System where Jira is installed) as, Port- 8080

The user will get a login screen as shown below after installation.



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