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30th September, 2020




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JIRA Interview Questions

1Q) When you log a defect using TestDirector or JIRA what fields do you see?

Ans: When we log a defect, we see Defect ID (it shows later in TestDirector), Summary (where we write a short description of the defect), Description (long description of the defect), Detected by (Person who found the defect, (it’s you), Severity (meaning-is the defect critical? High? Medium? Or Low?), Date, Detected in Version, Priority, Project, Status, Assigned to and so on. Click the link below to see the fields when you report defects in JIRA or TestDirector: Defect Fields in JIRA

2Q) List out the source control programs with which it integrates?

Ans: It integrates with source control programs such as CVS, Git, Subversion, Clearcase, Visual SourceSafe, Mercurial, and Perforce.

3Q) What does an issue change history include?

Ans: Issue change history includes

  • Deletion of a comment
  • Deletion of a worklog
  • Creation or deletion of an issue link
  • Attachment of a file
  • Changes to an issue field
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4Q) Explain how you can disable mail notification for Bulk Operations?

Ans: To disable mail notification for a particular Bulk Operations, you have to de-select the “Send Notification” checkbox in the bulk operation wizard.

5Q) Explain how you can modify multiple bulk issues?

Ans: To modify multiple bulk issues, you can use the Bulk Change option from the “Tools” menu of the navigator. All the issues on the current page can be selected for the bulk operation. The following list details the available bulk operations like

  • Work
  • low Transition
  • Delete
  • Move
  • Edit

6Q) Explain how you can share an issue with other users?

Ans: You can email an issue by using the share option in JIRA. You can also email other JIRA users a link to the issue by sharing the issue with them or by mentioning them in an issue’s Description or Comment field. 

7Q) Mention the types of reports generated in JIRA?

Ans: JIRA offers reports that show statistics for projects, versions, people, or other fields within issues. Various reports included with JIRA are

  • Average Age Report
  • Pie Chart Report
  • Resolution Time Report
  • Recently Created Issues Report
  • Resolved vs. Created Issues Report
  • Single Level Group by Report
  • Time Tracking Report
  • User Workload Report
  • Workload Pie Chart Report, etc.

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