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26th September, 2020




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Jenkins is an "extensible continuous integration server". It monitors repeated executions of jobs, such as building software projects, and can be used to build WebObjects applications and frameworks. Jenkins is an open source project and can be used at no cost. It is hosted on

Download the Jenkins Binary Installer from the Jenkins Website.

This is required because the current version of Jenkins does not create the its directory until it launches after you restart you computer. -Start the server and open the browser and hit the URL http://loalhost:8080/jenkins

                   jenkins configuration

  • Run the installer
  • Start setting up jobs
  • Click on the create new jobs link to configure a project for build automation. Enter the details of the project as shown below and click OK.

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jenkins configuration

 Fill all the required details like - description, path of the project's pom.xml and other details and click save.

jenkins configuration

A project is created in Jenkins.

jenkins configuration

Click on the Build now option as shown above. This will read the pom.xml and pull out the latest code and executes a build process and generates the jar/war file accordingly.

jenkins configuration


Jenkins Interview Questions


jenkins configuration

jenkins configuration

For an Indepth knowledge on Jenkins, click on below:

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