Jenkins Interview Questions and Answers
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Jenkins Interview Answers:

Q1) What is Jenkins?

Answer: Jenkins is an open-source continuous integration tool. The functionality of Jenkins is to keep track of version control system & initiate, monitor build system if changes occur. SCM tools supported by Jenkins? It supports the following tools:

  • ClearCase.
  • Perforce.
  • Git.
  • RTC.
  • AccuRev.
  • Subversion.


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Q2) Requirements for the use of Jenkins?


  • Source code repository which can be accessible, Git repository, instance.
  • Script already working & built e.g maven script.

Q3) Commands used for starting Jenkins manually?

Answer: We can use the following commands to start manually:


Q4) Plugins that are mostly used for Jenkins?

Answer: Useful plugins for Jenkins:

  • HTML publisher.
  • Join.
  • Maven2 project.
  • Copy artifact.
  • Amazon EC2.

Q5) How to copy, move Jenkins from one to another server?


  • By making a clone of a job directory with a different name you can copy Jenkins.
  • By renaming the existing job via renaming a directory could be done.
  • Copy the linked job directory & slide job from one to another installation.

Q6) Jenkins is integrated with 2 components what are they?

Answer: The 2 components are: Tools like apache maven & SVN, GIT(version control systems). Advantages of Jenkins? Following are the advantages of Jenkins:

  • At integration stage, build failures are cached.
  • Maven release projects are automated by using simple steps.
  • Plugin support is in large scale.
  • At an early stage, bugs can be identified in the development environment.
  • The code is improved iteratively.

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Q7) Notify the difference between Jenkins, Maven & ant?

Answer: Jenkins is an open-source continuous integration tool whereas ant & maven are Build technologies. Steps to setup Jenkins jobs? Step by step procedure:

  • Select item forms the menu.
  • Enter the name of the job → free-style job.
  • Press OK to continue & create a new job in Jenkins.
  • Configure you jon in the next page.

Q8) Tool used for configuration & provisioning?

Answer: Ansible-It is an agent with less config management as well orchestration tool. The configuration modules are called ‘Playbooks’. Ansible can be used for more of cloud provisioning.

Q9) Minimum JRE required for a run of Jenkin 2.1?

Answer: JRE8 or Else JDK8

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