C:/Oracle exe/app/Oracle/product/10.2.0/server/network/Admin/tns names=1521

  1. New “Data Base (DB)” creation:

  • view2 connection Navigator 2 data base -2 right click 2

New data base connection 2 next 2

connection name(DB _ RAMESH), connection type (Oracle JDBC) 2next 2

User name(System), Password (welcome1)2 next  2

Host name(local host), JDBC port (1521), SID (XE ) 2next2

Test connection 2 next 2 finish


  1. New “Application Server1” creation:

  • view 2 connection navigator 2 Application server 2 right click 2

New application  server connection 2 next  2

Connection name(App_server _ Ramesh1), Connection type (Oracle app server10g 10.1.3)-> next 2

User name(OC4J admin), password (welcome1)2next 2 Single instance 2

Host name(local host) , OC4J Instance name(Home) , OPMN Port(6003 )2 next2 Test connection 2 next 2 finish

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  1. New “Integration server” creation:

  • view 2 connection Navigator 2 Integration server2right click  2

New Integration server connection 2 next 2

connection name(Integration _ RAMESH) 2 next2

App server(APP_server_Ramesh1), Host name(local host), port number(8888), SID (XE ) 2 next 2

Test connection 2 next2 finish


  1. Create new “Application”:

view -> Application Navigator2 Application 2right click2 New Application2 click 2

Application name(Application_ RAMESH) -> ok

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 After creation of application t shows ”create project”


click on cancel, because it’s asking you want to create the project in java coding?

  1. Create New project:

  • Right click on application2 new project 2 BPEL process 2ok
  • Name(add 2 numbers), Template (Synchronous) 2 next 2 finish.

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