Introduction to JSF

17 September, 2018


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Enterprise & Enterprise Application:-

  1. Presentation layers
  2. Business layers
  3. Persistence layers

  Screenshot_1   JSF is exclusively designed for only presentation layers. Struts main focus in controllers (How to control the web apply)   Enterprise application

  • Enterprise
    • Is a business organization or a group at org. running under a single level.
  • Enterprise Apply
    • it is a s/w apply designed for a particular enterprise in over to simplify theirs business full and regulations.

  To design enterprise application we have to provide the following 3 Layers

  1. Presentation Layers
  2. Business processing layers
  3. Persistence layer data storage and Access layers


  1. Presentation Layers

The main purpose of presentation layers in enterprise appon is,

  1. To improve look and feel for the enterprise appl n
  2. To accept the data from user in order to execute enterprise application.
  3. To perform client side data validations by using java script functions.
  4. To specify deferent types at request like GET. POST… TO prepare presentation layer in enterprise applications. We have to provide a separate logic called as presentation logic.
  • To provide presentation logic, we have to we the tech like AWT, swing, HTML, JCP free market, velocity…


  1. Business processing Layers

It is the heart of enterprise appl n. it will provide very good env… To define and execute business rule and regulation what actually client required.

  • To prepare this layer, we have to provide business logic
  • To prepare B-logic in enterprise application development, we have to use the tech. like servlet, Ejbs, Bean components.


  1. Persistence Layer

This Layer main intention is to provide env. To interact with data base and to provide data persistence.

  • To prepare this layer in enterprise application, we have to use the tech. like JDBC, Hibernate, EJBS Entity Beans, JPA, Open JPA…..

  System Architecture To design enterprise application First we have to define the degree are height of the enterprise application on the basic at application Requirement

  • To define enterprise application height, we have to use system architecture

  1-Tier Architecture It will specify to design and execute enterprise application within a single machine i.e we have to provide presentation logic, business logic and persistence logic with in a single machine

  • In the above context, single machine me sources may not be sufficient to execute enterprise applicator.
  • 1- tier architecture is suggestible for only stand alone application no1 for enterprise application
  • 1-Tier architecture will not provide sharability
  • 1-Tier architecture will provide . tightly coupled design for the enterprise application

  Screenshot_2   TIERE ARCHITECTURE This arch is the conventional architecture. Fore the enterprise application

  • This architecture will provide two layers of machines to distribute enterprise application.
  • If we design enterprise application in 2-tier arch then we have to provide presentation logic tiere-2 systems.
  • The best example for 2. Tier Arch is client- server arch.
  • 2-tier arch will provide loosely coupled design for the enterprise applications.
  • 2 Tier arch will provide multi users env
  • 2 tier arch. will improve database sharability when compared with 1-tier architecture

  Screenshot_3   Tier Architecture

  • This arch. Will provide there layers of machine to distribute enterprise application.
  • In case of 3- Tier arch, tier-1 systems will manage presentation logic, tier-2 systems will manage business layer and tier -3 systems will manage persistence layer
  • When compared with 1-tier arch and 2- tier arch., 3- Tier arch. Will improve data base sharability and application server components sharability.
  • 3-tier arch. Will provide more losly coupled design for the enterprise application.
  • 3- tier arch is the frequently used arch. Fore the enterprise application

  Screenshot_4   Note- It we increase no of fires in enterprise application their flexibility will be increased to design enterprise application but maintenance cost will be increased

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