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6th October, 2020




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According to the research SAP, Ariba market share value is 10.8%, and almost 20% of top-rated companies have started using SAP Ariba. So the demand for skilled professionals has been increasing over the years. So, if you are thinking of starting your career in Cloud technology, learn SAP Ariba Course from Tekslate. 

In this article, we have compiled Top SAP Ariba Interview questions and answers for freshers and certified professionals which helps you to clear the interview and acquire your dream job as SAP Ariba developer.

SAP ARIBA Interview Questions and Answers

Here are the SAP Ariba Interview Questions 

Q1) What is meant by the Ariba system?

Ans: SAP Ariba is an American software and information technology service firm which was proposed by a German software maker SAP SE in 2012 for $4.3 billion, and it is located at Palo Alto, California. 

Q2) Explain the components of SAP Ariba?

Ans: Following are the two components of SAP Ariba:

Active Components: Active components help you to generate energy in the form of voltage.

Example: Transistors, etc..

Passive Components: Passive components help you to store the energy in the form of voltage. 

Example: Capacitors, inductors, resistors, etc..

Q3) What are the benefits of SAP Ariba?

Ans: Following are the key benefits of SAP Ariba: 

  • One of the interesting key points is utilizing Ariba arrangement is that it streamlines acquisition and measuring the sources with simple synchronization to SAP SRM and other ERP programming. 

  • It upgrades provider, purchasers and client experience by getting a progressive change to the flexible chain measure. 

  • With the cloud-based arrangement, SAP Ariba can be gotten to from various areas. It requires low introductory capital expense for setting up the arrangement. 

  • With SAP Ariba, there is a simple arrangement of key obtainment measures - Procure to pay (a combination of procurement office with Accounts payable division), Procure to Order by keeping up shopping baskets. 

  • There is a simple exchange of ace information. Association structure, providers and GL information can be handily moved to Ariba arrangement utilizing the ideal method of reconciliation. 

  • SAP Ariba empowers simple exchange of conditional information. Receipt subtleties, products receipt, PO subtleties can be handily moved to Ariba arrangement with the ideal combination. 

  • We can utilize the joining toolbox to associate ERP framework with Ariba arrangement.

Q4) What are the key features of SAP Ariba Start sourcing?

Ans: Following are the key features of SAP Ariba Start Sourcing:

  • No monthly subsidy fee

  • RFX Management and creation 

  • Integration with SAP Ariba Discovery

  • Competitive auctions

  • Response Management and Supplier profile 

  • Messaging and Communications 

  • Multi-lingual and global capabilities

  • Multi-currency options were reporting.

Q5) Tell us about budget checks in the Ariba procurement solution?

Ans: The budget check is the default available feature in the Ariba procurement solution. Even though the budget check is a default feature, It is not accessible to all the customers. To examine all the customer budget checks, it should be enabled in the Ariba procurement software. 

Q6) Is it possible to write the test cases without any training on the domain without any document only with the help of build screen?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to write the test cases with the help of the build screens. But you should know the exact functionalities of the software when you are writing the behavioural testing either in a document or through any training. 

Q7) Is SAP purchase Ariba?

Ans: Yes, in May 2012 SAP purchased the Ariba software for $4.3 billion. According to SAP, by 2014 July, more than 1.5 millions companies adapted the Ariba network.  

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Q8) Explain the difference between SAP MM, SRM, and Ariba?

Ans: Following are the key differences between SAP MM, SRM, and Ariba

  • SAP MM: It deals with the Material Management solution, which involves inventory management and procurement. 
  • SAP SRM: It is an association client professional software program, where it hyperlinks the client and provides the supplies without delay. End supporters can make carts, and purchase requests get made as sap ECC backends.
  • SAP Ariba: SAP Ariba is a very helpful outsourcing citation which helps to choose the accurate quotes with the help of ECC MM to make purchase contracts.  

Q9) Explain about the Ariba Network?

Ans: Ariba is the provider and creator of Ariba Network, which is a cloud-based b2b marketplace where suppliers and buyers can discover each other to do the business within an isolated network platform. 

Q10) List out the features of SAP Ariba?

Ans: Following are the key features of SAP Ariba: 

  • Supply chain collaboration

  • Strategic sourcing

  • Procurement

  • Contract management

  • Spend analysis

  • Supplier control

  • Financial deliver chain control

  • Invoice management

  • Dynamic discounting

  • Payments

  • Supplier discovery

  • Strategic sourcing

  • Ariba Exchange

Q11) Explain about SAP Ariba Products?

Ans: SAP Ariba have variant business commerce products for both vendors and investors on the Ariba network. Following are a few instances of Ariba products: 

Vendors:  Contract Management, Spending Visibility, procure to pay, sourcing, Supplier management +T&E.

Investors: Contract management for sales, catalogue, order solutions, and Discovery service. 

Q12) Explain why a spot quote looks different than a normal Ariba discovery response? 

Ans: To purchase the orders in the ERP back-end system, vendors create a spot quote using Ariba sourcing. But investors get a spot quote RFQ from Ariba discovery so that investors' requests go to the vendors through Ariba sourcing. That’s the reason the user interface is different from a normal Ariba discovery response. 

Q13) Where does Ariba fit in SAP’s evolving cloud strategy?

Ans: Following are the four-zones in SAP cloud application: 

  • People 

  • Currency

  • Investors

  • Vendors

Above four zones are considered as a Business Bydesign in the form of personal category. Like SuccessFactors “people” zone is the core. In the same way, Ariba has a “Vendors” zone as a core. In addition to that, SAP cloud strategy, i.e. infrastructure, applications, and platforms. And now, Ariba will provide a new business network category such as partners, vendors, and investors. 

Q14) What is meant by Ariba Pitch?

Ans: Ariba's view: "Rearranged availability, substantial overhauls in execution, more grounded perceivability and status into key requests, conveyances, solicitations, instalments and diverse basic business endeavour exchange sports." Simplicity could be the significant thing word proceeding. You'll listen to Ariba (and now SAP) experts extoll the similarities between buyer pushed exchange (i.E. Amazon, eBay) and Ariba's trade organization.

Q15) Tell us about the critical benefits of Ariba Procurement solution?

Ans: Following are the key benefits of Ariba Procurement solution:

  • Can open the estimation of an ERP arrangement with an essential OCI mix 

  • Can build the client appropriation 

  • Can increment in spend inclusion. 

  • It contains the part to offer when it comes to concurrence.

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