Analytics Interview Questions and Answers

1Q) What Is The Best Way To De-duplicate Sitecatalyst Metrics?

Ans: Serialization is the best way to de-duplicate SiteCatalyst metrics.

2Q) Where Can You Go To Share A Previously Created Bookmark With Other Users?

Ans: Favorites > Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks.

3Q) What Is The Correct Syntax For Capturing An Event Called “booked Flight” In Event1?


4Q) Which Is Not Required In Order To Capture Paid Search Keywords?

Ans: The paid search keywords reports must be enabled by Adobe client care.

5Q) What Is A List Prop?

Ans: A variable in which you can pass multiple values in a delimited list so each value gets credit for that page view.

6Q) What Is The Purpose Of The Page type Variable?

Ans: Captures URLs that lead to a 404 Error Page.

7Q) What Is The Difference Between Participation And Allocation?

Ans: Participation assigns full credit and allocation assigns partial credit.

8Q) Which Are Not True About Classifications?

Ans: Classifications can be applied to out-of-the-box reports.

9Q) What Is The Difference Between Product And Conversion Syntax For Merchandising Variables?

Ans: Product Syntax is set in the s.products variable, while Conversion Syntax is not.

10Q) Which Is Not A Possible Value In The Referrer Types Report?

Ans: Mobile Apps.

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11Q) How Will Commas In My Product Name Interfere With My Data?

Ans: They cause everything after the comma to be treated as a separate category/product/unit/revenue entry in s.products.

12Q) What Does The Acronym 'saint' Stand For?

Ans: SiteCatalyst Attribute Importing and Naming Tool.

13Q) Which Sitecatalyst Features Allow You To Visually Show Website Performance And Track Progress Against Set Goals?

Ans: Target features allow you to visually show website performance and track progress against set goals.

14Q) What Is The Default "expire After" Setting For Newly Enabled Conversion Variables (evars)?

Ans: A visit is a default "Expire After" setting for newly enabled conversion variables (eVars).

15Q) What Is The Max Size Of The (site Sections) Variable?

Ans: 100 bytes

16Q) If S_account Is Empty, Not Declared, Or Contains An Unexpected Value?

Ans: No data will be collected.

17Q) What Is Maximum Number Of Report Suites That A Company Can Use?

Ans: No limit.

18Q)How To Use S_account?

Ans: s_account is used when setting the report suite.

19Q) What Is The Saint Api Used For?

Ans: Importing meta-data to describe and group reporting values.

20Q) Which Is Not An Allowed Allocation Setting For Conversion Variables?

Ans: Decaying is not an allowed allocation setting for conversion variables.

21Q) What Is Multi-suite Tagging?

Ans: Sending SiteCatalyst data to two or more report suites is called Multi-suite tagging.

22Q) How Can You Compare Two Date Ranges In A Single Report In Ranked View?

Ans: Click "Compare Dates" in the calendar module.