How to Hide, Delete and Show WorkSheets in Tableau
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Show and Hide WorkSheets in Tableau

  • A worksheet that is used in a dashboard cannot be deleted, but it can be hidden. You may want to hide a worksheet if you are sharing the dashboard with others and don’t want to clutter the workbook with all the supporting worksheets.
  • You can hide the worksheets that are used in a dashboard by right-clicking the worksheet tab and selecting Hide Sheet. Keep in mind that someone viewing the dashboard can still access the hidden worksheet.
  • You can show a hidden sheet by navigating to the dashboard that uses it. Select Go to Sheet on the dashboard view menu. The hidden sheet is shown until you switch to another sheet. When the hidden sheet is showing, you can right-click the sheet tab and select Unhide to unhide it permanently.
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Deleting Worksheets in Tableau

Deleting a sheet removes it from the workbook You can delete the active sheet by right-clicking the worksheet or dashboard tab along the bottom of the workbook and selecting Delete Sheet. Worksheets used in a dashboard cannot be deleted, rather you can hide the worksheet.

How to Hide, Delete and Show WorkSheets in Tableau

Tableau is a leading business intelligence tool that helps business growth. It is easy to deploy, highly scalable and has an efficient framework performance. Here, we will explore how to hide, delete, and show worksheets in Tableau.


Workbooks and Sheets 

In Tableau, a workbook contains sheets. A workbook can have different types of sheets. It can be a worksheet, a dashboard, or a story. 

Worksheet: It has a single view. The sidebar has shelves, cards, legends, and Data and Analytics panes. 

Dashboard: It is a collection of views from multiple worksheets. The sidebar has the Dashboard and Layout panes. 

Story: It has a sequence of worksheets or dashboards that work together to convey information. The sidebar has the Story and Layout panes.

Create new worksheets, dashboards, or stories 

We can create many sheets in a workbook. There are many ways to create new sheets. To create a new worksheet, dashboard, or story: 

  •  Click the New Worksheet, New Dashboard, or New Story button at the bottom of the workbook.

The New Worksheet button. 

To rename a new worksheet, dashboard, or story: 

  • Right-click the tab and then select the Rename command. 
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Hide or Unhide Sheets 

Hide and unhide all sheets in the dashboard

The steps to hide the entire dashboard or a story’s sheets are:

  • Right-click the dashboard’s tab at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Select Hide All Sheets. 

The steps to unhide the entire dashboard or a story’s sheets are: 

  • Right-click the dashboard’s tab at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Select Unhide All Sheets. 


Hide an Individual sheet 

The steps to hide an individual sheet are: 

  • Search for the sheet in the bottom tabs of the dashboard screen. If you’re viewing a dashboard or a story, search in the Sheets list on the left. 
  • Right-click the sheet name and select Hide Sheet. 


Hide an unselected sheet 

The steps to hide an unselected sheet are: 

  • Select Dashboard > Actions. 
  • Click the Add Action button, and select Filter. 
  • Under Run action, click Select. 
  • Choose Map for the source sheet and sheet the sheet (s) you want to hide for the target sheet. 
  • Under ‘clearing the section will’, select Exclude all values. 
  • Click OK to close the dialogue boxes. 
  • (Optional) Right-click the title of the hidden sheets, and select Hide Title. 

 These steps will leave a blank space for the hidden sheets until a selection is made on the Map sheet. 


Unhide an individual sheet

The steps to unhide an individual sheet are: 

  1. On the bottom of the screen, click the tab for the dashboard or story that contains the sheet. Grid and book icons, respectively identify dashboards and stories. 
  2. Right-click the sheet from the list on the left. 
  3. Uncheck the Hide Sheet checkbox. 


Hide or Unhide Fields 

Following are the steps to hide or unhide fields in the Data window. 

To hide a field: Right-click the field and select Hide. 

To change fields from hidden to visible: Select Show Hidden Fields on the data window menu. 

To unhide a field: The hidden fields are greyed out in the data window. Select one or more hidden fields > Right-click > Select Unhide. 

To hide all unused fields: Select Hide All Unused Fields on the Data window menu. 


Navigating between sheets, dashboards, and stories 

From a Dashboard or story to a sheet 

There are two options to go from a dashboard or story to a sheet: 

1. On the dashboard, select the item that shows the hidden sheet. Click the drop-down arrow in the top left or right corner. Select Go to Sheet. 

2. In the Sheets list, click the icon to the right of the sheet name. 

From a sheet to Dashboards and stories 

The steps to go from a sheet to dashboards and stories are: 

  • Right-click the sheet tab. 
  • Open the Used in the dashboard menu in Tableau. 

Resolving Dashboard Greyed-out sheets 

When you click a dashboard filter and all the sheets are greyed out, and you are unable to view further data, remove the highlight action to resolve the issue. To do this, follow these steps: 

  • Navigate to the Dashboard menu. 
  • Click Actions. 
  • Select the relevant Highlight Action. 
  • Click Edit. 
  • Uncheck Targetsheets where the data is greyed out. 


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