HANA Security work flow

12 September, 2018


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HANA Security work flow:

1) create Analytical privilege (only apt cable when you have view data in security schema) 2) Create a role 3) Configure the role 4) Create privileges (SQL / Analytical etc.,) 5) Create user 6) Assign privileges to role 7) Assign users to role    


  • Each role when committed we have to adopt as visible role or internal role.
  • Each role should configure with
  1. a) Granted role (Usage of 1 or more standard roles in the custom role)
  2. b) Part of role Here we can copy the existing role  and edit
  3. c) SQL privileges These are used for manipulating DB operations
  4. d) Analytical Privileges Gives permission for view, edit, use
  5. e) System Privileges Access to system configuration settings, import, export landscape, create delivery units etc.,
  6. f) Package Privileges Here we specify the access to view, edit, package and different landscape.


HANA Modeling:

  • Log on to HANA Studio
  • Go to modeler in left side navigator pane add system
  • Under the system will get catalog, content folders
  • Go to SQL Editor
  • Write syntax for creating schema

Create schema <schema name>,

  • Load / import tables from client or server path
  • Load data into the tables by using replication methods (LT, ETL, Trigger based)


Note :-

We can load data under system, --sys—REPO, customized schema.   1) Package       We can create packages under content folder ‘Packages” for grouping information object in a structured way Here two types of packages Structural & Non Structural Structural Untitled  If help to organize the content into logical package tree. Non-Structural  Untitled  It contains information objects & sub packages Creating Package

  • Right click on content folder
  • New Package
  • Provide Technical name

Description Language Pusan responsible

  • Order Package we can create attribute view

Analytical view Calc. view Procedures Analytical privileges    

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