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17th September, 2018




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Frame work

As [art of enterprise application development, it is very common and frequent to use the service like 118 n, validations, exception handling, conversions, tag libraries,

  • As part of enterprise application development, to provide all the above generic services explicitly at each and every module, developers may get burden.
  • To overcome the above problems, we have to use some third party products called as ‘frame works’.

Def 1 - Frame work is a per –fabricated s/w components that developers can reuse , share and customize in order to simplify enterprise application development Def 2 - Frame work is semi implemented application , it will  env. To design enterprise application in simplified manner Def 3 - Frame work is a collection of tools and API, which will simplify the enterprise application development. In  enterprise application development, frame work will provide the following advantages

  1. Able to provide he generic services like validations, 118N, Exception handling—predefined
  2. Able to reduce development type
  3. Able to reduce development cost
  4. Able to improve productivity
  5. Able to provide standard flow at execution

2There are 2 types of frame works

  1. Web frame works
  2. Application frame works

  Q) What is the diff. bet n web frame works and application frame works A) Web frame works will provide very good to design and executed only web appl n. Ex  Struts, JSF, XULONK 2 and so on Application frame works will provide very good env to design and execute any type at JAVA/J2EE Application Ex Spring frame works   Q) What are the difference bet n struct and JSF? A) 1)  Both struts and JSF are based web application frame works, where  struts is controller layered frame works but JSF is view layered frame works 2) Struts f/w is very good in the area at data validations Exception handling and layout mechanism, but JSF is not good in these areas. 3) Event handling is very good in JSF F/W but which is not available in struts f/w Note - To get even handling in struts based web application we have to use either java script are Ajax explicitly. 4) JSF Is able to have both client side user interface and server side user interface, but struts, is able to have only client side UI Note - JSF Is able to create a component tree the user forms[view j at servers side to represent each and every GUI component available in the respective from. Here component tree is treated as server side user inter face 5) In struts f/w all the GUI Components are state but in JSF F/W all the GUI Components are stateful 6) Component tag library is no good in struts f/w but component tag library is very good in JSF frame works 7) Response Rendering mechanisms are very good in case at JSF. but which are not available in struts frame works 8) Data Conversions are not good in struts f/w, but which are very good in JSF F/W Note - In JSF F/W it  is possible to perform customization over data conversions.     Q) What are the differences bet n spring f/w and JSF f/w?  1) Spring f/w is an application f/w, it will provide environment to design and execute any type at Java/j2 EE Applications but JSF f/w will provide exe. To design and execute only web applications. 2) In spring f/w only web module is following MVC design pattern, but, JSF frame works is following MVC design pattern completely. 3) Component tag library is not good n spring f/w but  which is very good in JSF f/w 4) Spring f/w has provided inbuilt support to integrate explicit applications like JDBC, Hibernet, EJBs,….But JSF is not providing inbuilt support to integrate the specified explicit application   JSF

  1. Home
    •  Java community process[Experts from IBM,SUN,..] SUN Me system Macle corporation
  1. Type
    •  web application f/w
  2. Objective
    •  To Simplify and accelerate web app1
  3. Open/licensed
    •  open source s/w
  4. Initial version
    •  JSF 1.0[2004,March]
  5. Used version
    • JSF1.2[2006,May ]
  6. Latest version
    • JSF2.x[2011 ]
  7. Code supported
    • IBM
  8. Designed plat form
    •  JAVA, Servlet, JSPS

  Q) JSF, IS Technology or frame work? A: JSF 1.0, JSF1.1 version are f/w s, They are not the part of J2EE Technologies. * JSF 1.2 version on wards it was included in J2EE Technologies. *JSF 1.0 AND JSF1.1 are frame work but JSF 1.2 and JSF 2.x are Technologies Java EE5 2 JSF 1.2… Java EE6 2 JSF 2.x …

  • JSF is an abstraction provides by SUN, but it was implemented in two implementations.

1.SUN RI(Reference implementation)(by sun) 2.My Faces (by Apache)

  • JSF Component implementation are provided by some 3rd parley org.
  1. Prime Faces
  2. Rich Faces
  3. ICE Faces

  JSF Services

  1. I 18 N
  2. Validations
  3. Convertors
  4. Event Handling
  5. Rend kit
  6. Components tag library


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