Selenium Grid Tutorial

  • It is for parallel execution.
  • We can launch multiple browser at a time and the scripts can be executed on the targeted browsers simultaneously.
  • We can perform parallel execution by using selenium 2 with test NG ,xml file by using the below argument [command]
  • <suite name=” hybrid “ parlell=”tests” >
  • *execute spicejet pop program in two browsers paralelly

How to handle capture[security code]:-

  • Capturer is an image ,we can’t read the values from the images.
  • To get the values from the image are need to connect to the database.

How to connect to the data base:_-

  • To connect to the data base we need sel jdb 4 jar file
  • Down load the jdbc.jar file from selenium 4 testing .com /scripts
  • Extract the zip file and place the same in lib folder
  • Configure it in Eclipse

Database server[MS SQL]2 Server[Released to project  Ex: spice jet, HMS etc..]à data base 2 Tables

  • To connect to the data base we need three objects

1) connection

2) statement

3) result set

  • connection:-
  • It is responsible to connect to the data base with the help of server name, data base name and execute login credentials.
  • Statement:-
  • It is responsible to write the query and execute the query
  • Result set:-

Once the carry is executed it will provide the results under thin object.

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To connect to the data base we need to specify the specific data base server[ms SQl, my SQL, oracle…]

What in ANT and Mover

2Both are build management tool

2 Build: The process of converting the source code to execution code[.jar, .war, .exe] is known as build

2 The steps we are taking to convert the source code to executable code in known as build management

2 The below steps are receive to convert the source code to executable

2 ANT in the old build management root where mover in the advance build management root

Steps to create mover project :

2 Go to Eclipse 2 click on java EE 2 go to file 2 click on new 2 select mover project2 check the check box (create a single project) 2 click next 2 give domain name[group id] (admin)2 give project name [artifact id] : spice jet 2click on finish 2right click on JRE system Library 2 then configure selenium – stand alone .jar file 2 create a class by right clicking on SRC/ Main / JAVA 2 click on new 2 select class 2 develop[write] class


Right click on script2 select run as java application

Convert: To convert source code to Jar file

Right click on POM .XML file à click on run as (Missing line pg:78)

2 jar file was created under target folder of mover project

2 Difference between web application /desktop application

  • GUI Testing
  • Data base Testing
  • Compatible Testing

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An array represents a group of elements of same data type. It can share a group of elements , so we can share a group of int values or group of float values or group of string in the array, but we can n’t share some int values and some float values in the array.

One dimensional array:

Int Marks [];// declare marks array

Marks = new int [s] ;// a lot memory for storing 5 elements


Int marks [] = new int [5];

Two dimensional array:


String : It is a class data type where it is responsible to share multiple characters

Syntax: string str // Declaration

String : “Rajesh” // Assigning value

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