Developing Registration Application in JSF

17 September, 2018


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 Developing Registration Application



<html> <head> <meta http equiv=”Refest”name=”Generater”content=”2,url=http://localhost:1010/requestion app/registration form.dss”> </head> <body> <br><br> <center> <font size=”6”color=”red”> Application is loading </font> </center> </ body > </html>     

Registration form.jsp

<% @tag lib url=http://JAVA.SUN.COM/JSF/CARE”Prefix=f”%> /html” Prefix=”h”%> <f:view> <html> <body> <font color=”red”> <h1> software solutions</h1> <h2>student Registration form</h2> </font> <h:form> <h:panel grid column=”2”bg color=”Light blur”> <h:out put text value=”student id”/> <h:in put text id=”sid” value=”#{student id}”/> <h:out put text value=”student name”/> <h:in put text id=”s name” value=”#{student Bean.sname}”/> <h:out put text value=”student mail”/> <h:in put text id=”se mail” value=”#{student mail }”/> <h:out put text value=”student mobile”/> <h:in put text id=”smobile ” value=”#{student Bean. smobile }”/> <h:command button value=”ADD”action==”#{student Bean. add }”/> <h:panelGrid> </h:from> </body> </html> </f:view>  


<%@ taglib------------------- “f”%> <%                                                                                  “h”%> </f:view> <html> <body bgcolor=”Light yellow”> <br>< br > <center> <b><font size=”6”color=”red”> Student already existed. </font> </b> </center> </body> </html> </f:view>  


<%@taglib--------> <%@taglib--------> <f:view> <html> <body bgcolor=”light yellow”> <font size=”6”color=”green”> Student registered successfully.. </font> </body></html></f:view>  


<%@tag---- <% ---- <f:view> <html> <body bgcolor=”red”> <font size=”8”color=”green”> Student registration failed— </font> </body> </html></t:view>  


Package com. soft; Public class student bean{ Private string sid: Private string sname; Private string semail; Private string smobile; Set—()               //provide setter and getter() Getter—() Student action sa=new studentAction(); String status =sa. Addstudent(sid,sname,semail,smobile); Return status; } }  


Package com. soft; Import java.sql.*; Public class studentAction { String status=””; Public string add student(string sid, string sname string email, string smobile) { Type{ Connection con=jdbcultil. get connection(); Prepared statement pst=con. prepared statement(“select* from student where sid=?”); Pst.set string (1,sid); Resultset ms=pst execute query(); Boolern; If()b==true) { Status=”existed”; } Else{ Pst=con. Prepare statement(“insert into student values(????)”); Pst. setstring(1,sid); Pst. setstring(2,sname); Pst. setstring(3,semail); Pst. setstring(4,smobile); Pst. Execute update(); Status=”Success”; } } Catch(exception() { Status=”failure”; e.print stack ace () } Return status; } }

Package com.durgasoft; Import java.sql*; Public class Jdbcutil { Static connection con; Static { Try { Class. fore name(“oracle. jdbc. oracle drivet”); Con=Driver manager. Get connection(“jdbc:oracle; thin:@local host:1521: oricle”,”scot”,”tiger”); } Catch(exception) { e.printstacture(); } } Public static connection get connection() { Return com; } }  


<facs.config=xsd> <managed. bean> <managed.>student bean</managed-bean-name> <managed. Bean. class>com. soft. student bean</managed-bean- class > <managed. Bean. scope>session</managed-bean- scope > <managed. Bean> <navigation. rule> <from-view-id>/registrationfrom.jsp</from-view-id> <navigation-case> <from-outcome >success<</from –outcome> <to-view-id>/success.jsp</ to view-id> </navigation. case> <from-outcome>success</from-outcome> <to-view-id> /success.jsp</to-view-id> </navigation. case> <navigation. case> <from-outcome>failure</from-outcome> <to-view-id> / failure.jsp</to-view-id> </navigation. case> <navigation. case> <from-outcome>failure</from-outcome> <to-view-id> / existed.jsp</to-view-id> </navigation. case> </navigation. rule> </faces. config>  


<web-app> <servlet> <servlet-name>faces servlet</servlet-name> <servlet-class>Javax. faces. webapp. faces servlet< /servlef-class > <load-on-startup>1</ load-on-startup > <servlet> <servlet-mapping> <servlet-name> faces servlet< servlet-name> <url-pattern>*.dss<url-pattern> <servlet-mapping> </web-app>

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