Data Provisioning in SAP HANA

22 September, 2020


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DATA Provisioning

We have three types of Replication methods. They are:

  • ETL based
  • Trigger-based
  • Log-based

ETL Based

For ETL based Replication we will use SAP DATA services tools (DS)

DS tool is an ETL tool to transfer data from one database to another database

This tool is the easiest one, to transfer database from any database to HANA

ETL – Extraction – Transformation – Load CETL) based data replication uses SAP BODS to load the relevant business data from the source system, SAP ERP, and replicate it to the target, SAP HANA database

Data Provisioning

Creating data stores for the source system:

We have three types of sources

  • SAP source (ERP, & data Were house)
  • Non-SAP (ERP & Non-ERP)
  • File format

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SAP sources 

Creating data stores for SAP ERP (SAP ECC6)

Log on to data services to

Go to local object library

Select data stores (tab)

Right-click on it & select New


  • Name
  • Data Store type –SAP applications
  • Application server
  • Username
  • Password
  • Client No
  • System No
  • working directory on SAP Server : D:usrsaptrans
  • Application path to should directory: D:usrsaptrans
  • Generated ABAP directory: P business object data services
  • Security Profile:
  • Number of connection betties : 3
  • OK

We will get extractors function modules,

Creating Datastores for SAP warehouse (SAP BI)

Provide the following

  • Name
  • Data Store type: SAP BW source
  • Application server
  • Username
  • Password
  • client Number
  • system number
  • Working directory on SAP server: D:usesaptrans
  • Application path to should directory: D:usrsaptrans
  • Generated ABAP directory /p sap business objects data services

We will get an open hub, tables, idocs

Non-SAP sources

Creating Datastore for Traditional Database (Ms-SQL)

Provide the following

  • Name ­­­­­­­­­­­­­
  • Datastore Type: DATA base
  • Database type: HANA
  • Database server name 
  • Database name
  • User ID 
  • Password 

Click OK

We will get Table ((Templets), (Permanent) )

File Format

Here we can provide following file types for file format

  • XML
  • DTD
  • CSX
  • XLS

Select file format (tab)

  • Create New 
  • Provider Name 
  • Directory
  • Path
  • Skip header : Yes
  • Data formats

Click OK

NOTE: We need to provide head name, type, headers,

We will get price view while creating file format


SAP HANA Tutorials


Creating data store for HANA

Log on to data services to

Go to local objects library

Select data services (tab)

Right-click on it & select new

Provide: Name

Datastore types: DATABASE

Database type: HANA

DATA base version: HANA I.X

Data source : (ODBC connection for HANA DB)

User name


Click OK

We will get tables (Temporary, templates)


To transfer data from SAP BI    Untitled  HANA    Untitled  we need t create RFC connection for SAP (BI & DS)

Procedure to create RFC connection

Log on to administrator

Click on to administrator

Select SAP connection under that

SAP service instance

Go to RFC servicer instance configuration (tab)

Click on add provide RFC prog

  • RFC program ID : ____________
  • user name : _____________
  • Password :_______________
  • SAP Application server name : _________
  • client number : ____________
  • system number : ___________
  • SAP gateway hostname : _________
  • SAP gateway service name : ________
  • OK

Go to RFC server interface status (tab)

Select our connection

Click on start


After creating RFC connection, we need to create data services source system in BI for 4.0 version SAP has released standard connection for (BI & DS)

Procedure to create Data services Source system in BIs

Log on to BI

Provide URSA 1 (F code)

Go to source system (tab)

Right click on DS(folder)  & provide

(a) Logical system name: _____________

(b) source system name:    ____________

(c) Type and Release : _______________

Then we will get a screen,

And provide to program ID: RFC connection in DS  and



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