Data Loading in SAP HANA

Steps for data upload

1) Upload data

  1. a) we can upload data file directly
  2. b) we can copy the specific data in a file (clipboard)

2) Data Cleaning (Optional)

To merge similar data

3) Classifying data

Identifying the measures

4) Publishing & Finish

To apply data into HANA DB

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Steps for Composing

1)           Specify the data source for Source A. (File or Views)

2)           Specify Source for B

3)           Combine data (joins & Unions)

4)           Refine data (managing and creating attributes)

5)           Publish & Finishing


Studio is ‘Window’  based applications where as Information composer is ‘web based’ ‘information view’ and studio creates information objects.

Studio will take any type of data sources but composer takes excel


Data Loading in SAP HANA

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