Data Loading in SAP HANA

22 September, 2020


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Data Loading in SAP HANA

Steps for data upload

1) Upload data

  1. a) we can upload data file directly

  2. b) we can copy the specific data in a file (clipboard)

2) Data Cleaning (Optional) To merge similar data 3) Classifying data Identifying the measures 4) Publishing & Finish To apply data into HANA DB

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Steps for Composing

1)           Specify the data source for Source A. (File or Views) 2)           Specify Source for B 3)           Combine data (joins & Unions) 4)           Refine data (managing and creating attributes) 5)           Publish & Finishing   Studio is ‘Window’  based applications whereas Information composer is ‘web-based’ ‘information view’ and studio creates information objects. The studio will take any type of data sources but the

composer takes excel   Data Loading in SAP HANA


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