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CyberArk tutorial proposes a complete guide to help companies protect their most valuable assets and information from cyber-attacks. CyberArk is a top company that offers Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions, serving over 5000+ customers and more than 2000+ partners.

Recent reports from well-known cybersecurity firms forecast that the market for cyber-insurance will increase by around $8.5 billion by 2021 and amount to 14.8 billion in 2025. It will surpass the $34 billion mark by 2031, based on the assumption that the growth rate will be 15 percent over the estimated 11-year timeframe (2020-2031). The data shows us what the cybersecurity market will develop soon and the massive demand for specialists who understand models and tools to work in this field.

Since its inception, CyberArk can help organizations protect their most valuable assets and information by delivering users with secure access to their privileged accounts and other information. Most fortune companies have employed CyberArk for their most secure businesses, including over half of Fortune 100 companies. With this CyberArk Tutorial, you are opening up opportunities in some of such fortune companies.

So, let's dive in!

CyberArk Tutorial - Table of Contents

What is CyberArk?

CyberArk is an Israel-based security business specializing in privileged account management (PAM). It helps organizations to protect their privileged accounts, credentials, and secrets from hackers and malicious threats by offering a safe vault and automated access control. CyberArk allows organizations to defend, detect and react to privileged attacks and execute most minor privilege policies throughout their entire network. CyberArk also delivers threat analysis, intelligence, and additional security services that help organizations in identifying, detecting, and addressing privileged security threats.


What is a Privileged Account?

A privileged account has access to resources or information which aren't normally allowed to a typical user. It's also known as a "superuser" account because it provides a rich number of privileges or access. System administrators and IT personnel typically use privileged accounts to manage networks, computers, and various IT platforms. These accounts are employed to carry out tasks like installing software, forming settings, and managing accounts for users. Private accounts are crucial since they give users access to confidential data, like passwords and financial data. Therefore, the accounts must be protected and monitored to ensure that unauthorized access can't emerge.

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History of CyberArk

The story of CyberArk began in 1999 in Israel 1999 when Alon N Cohen and Udi Mokady established CyberArk. CyberArk was initially an internet security company offering security-grade authentication and authorization services.


During this timeframe, CyberArk introduced several products, including their flagship product, the Enterprise Password Vault (EPV). EPV was developed to keep and manage private account passwords safely.


It was highlighted by the acquisition of several companies, including the Privileged Identity Management (PIM) provider Vaultive in 2006. The acquisition permitted CyberArk to enlarge its product range and provide organizations with various solutions for managing access privileges.


In 2009 CyberArk introduced their Private Account Security Solution (PASS), which offered complete capability for managing privileged access. In the subsequent year, CyberArk launched its CyberArk Common Security Platform, which allowed companies to handle privileged accounts across several systems.


During this time, CyberArk introduced products, including the Privileged Account Security Solution (PAS). The PAS gave organizations an all-encompassing solution to govern privileged accounts across several systems. In 2014 CyberArk applied to an initial public offering (IPO) in the Securities and Exchange Commission, with 2013 revenues of $66.2 million. CyberArk became a publicly traded company in the same year and traded in the NASDAQ as CYBR. After the IPO, CyberArk made several acquisitions in the security field.


In 2015, CyberArk bought the identity and access management company Viewfinity and offered organizations an all-encompassing solution to manage privileged accounts on both on-premise and cloud-based systems. In addition, in 2016, CyberArk released the CyberArk Application Access Manager, which provided companies with a complete solution to manage privileged accounts across various applications. In 2017, CyberArk bought Massachusetts-based cybersecurity firm Conjur Inc, which granted access to software development and IT teams developing cloud-based software at $42 million. In 2018, CyberArk bought assets from the cloud security company in Boston, Valuative. The company had twenty Vaultive employees, mainly of them from its Research and Development team, who have joined CyberArk. In 2019, CyberArk bought the company that makes identity Idaptive for $70 million.


In 2020 CyberArk said it had more than 5,300 customers. In 2022 CyberArk launched CyberArk Ventures, an initiative to help finance Cybersecurity Technology start-ups. CyberArk has accumulated $30 million in global investment to support the venture in the hopes of funding new disruptive technologies. CyberArk has partnered with investors such as Venrock, Yl Ventures, Team8 Capital, and Merlin ventures and has also announced joint investments with Dig Security, Enso Security, and Zero Networks.

CyberArk is a leading provider of solutions for managing privileged access and provides businesses with a broad array of options to manage and secure privileged accounts.

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CyberArk Architecture

CyberArk is built on an elaborate architecture that includes an authentication engine, a storage engine, and an administration interface. This will let you understand the features of CyberArk in a better manner.

Storage Engine: 

The storage engine is the basis of CyberArk. This engine is responsible for the storage of the credentials of privileged accounts and giving access to them. It is designed to offer security, scalability, and security for the safe storage of sensitive data.


The interface is the interface that users interact with that is part of CyberArk. It is the user-facing component of the CyberArk platform. It lets you securely manage access to accounts for privileged users and control them. The interface allows users to manage and create users, define access control policies, and create reports. In addition, the interface provides various tools that help administrators manage access to privileged accounts.


Benefits of CyberArk

Some of the expected benefits of CyberArk are: 

Improved Visibility: 

CyberArk provides detailed insight into your privileged account's activity, including who accessed what, at what time, and from which location.

Increased Security: 

CyberArk provides enhanced security for privileged accounts and credentials, thus reducing the possibility of unauthorized access and criminal actions.

Flexible Deployment: 

CyberArk can be implemented in cloud or on-premises and hybrid configurations, allowing companies to choose the most appropriate deployment to meet their requirements.

Improved Collaboration: 

CyberArk allows organizations to securely share their privileged credentials without exposing them to unauthorized users and makes collaboration simpler and safer.

Automated Compliance: 

CyberArk assists organizations in automating the process of achieving the requirements for compliance, like PCI DSS and GDPR, by offering an efficient and automated way to manage accounts with privileged access.

Centralized Management: 

CyberArk delivers a central console for managing privileged accounts throughout the company, thereby reducing the burden of managing several accounts.

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Components in CyberArk

CyberArk's solutions protect organizations from cyber threats by controlling, managing, and monitoring privileged accounts. CyberArk's solutions are employed by companies of all sizes, from small to large corporations.

Digital Vault:

Digital Vault can be described as a flexible, secure storage system for passwords, credentials, privileges as well as secrets. It serves as a single source of truth for privileged accounts and credentials, assuring that access to sensitive information is restricted to only authorized users.

Password Vault Web Access:

Password Vault Web Access is a web-based program that allows users to secure privileged access credentials and privileged accounts stored within the Digital Vault. It offers a simple-to-use web-based interface for managing privileged logins and other credentials.

Central Policy Manager:

Central Policy Manager is a platform to control and enforce privilege access policies across the entire organization's infrastructure. It lets organizations establish, enforce, and review privileged access policies throughout their network.

Privileged Session Manager:

Privileged Session Manager is a real-time, secure session monitoring and recording system for accounts with privileged access. It lets companies track, audit, and manage privileged sessions in real-time.

Select Session Manager for Web: 

Select Session Manager for Web is a Web-based application that lets users securely access the credentials and accounts of privileged users saved in the Digital Vault. It is a user-friendly, web-based interface for managing privileged accounts and credentials.

Privileged Threat Analytics:

Privileged Threat Analytics provides an advanced tool for detecting and stopping malicious activities related to the privileged account. It detects suspicious or fraudulent activities associated with privileged accounts and alerts administrators.

Password Upload Utility:

The Password Upload Utility can be described as a safe automated tool that permits administrators to upload credentials and passwords in the Digital Vault. It was designed to ease the process of secure storage of credentials and passwords within the Digital Vault.

SDK Interfaces:

SDK Interfaces is a collection of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) which allow companies to incorporate CyberArk's services and solutions into their existing software and systems. SDK Interfaces enable organizations to create custom applications using CyberArk's security services.


CyberArk Implementation:

CyberArk deployment follows a procedure that begins with a company and security analysis. The project's goals, implementation, and launch are determined, followed by an action plan for risk mitigation.

Analysis of security and business requirements is the first step of the CyberArk process. It involves analyzing and gathering the company's security and business requirements to discover any potential security weaknesses and the steps required to fix them.

The definition of the scope will be the 2nd stage of the CyberArk deployment process. It involves determining the project's explicit goals, objectives, and specifications and setting the limits for the project's implementation.

The launch and execution of the solution is the final step of the CyberArk implementation procedure. This involves the installation of the CyberArk solution, which includes the setting up of the system as well as the integration with any existing business software.

The risk mitigation plans is the fourth last step of the CyberArk implementation process. It involves the creation of plans to minimize any risk that is associated with CyberArk. CyberArk solution includes the identification of any potential threats and the steps necessary to combat them.


CyberArk Working: 

CyberArk is a practical application that allows safe access to your privileged accounts and credentials to the cloud. This guide may help you start using CyberArk and provide some knowledge of its many capabilities.

To begin, you'll need to sign up for a CyberArk account by going to CyberArk's website. CyberArk website, and click the "Sign up" button. Input your personal information, such as the email you use, your username, and your password. Once you've registered your account and password, you'll be ready to sign in and access the CyberArk dashboard.

The CyberArk dashboard is the central point for managing your privilege logins and accounts. You can create, edit, and remove, in addition to viewing and controlling the security policies they have associated with the accounts. Additionally, you can use your dashboard to change passwords, create one-time passwords, enable two-factor authentication, and more.

The next step is to create the vault. The vault is a safe container that holds your private credentials and accounts. You can set up as many vaults as you want and assign access rights to each. You can also alter the security settings of each vault, including the ability to enable encryption, set password policies, and much more.

Additionally, you can utilize CyberArk CLI to gain access and manage your privileged credentials and accounts. The CLI is a powerful command line interface that lets you complete tasks quickly and effortlessly, such as managing and creating accounts, setting policies, and many other things.

Through this course, you will now know the concept of CyberArk and how you can utilize it to protect and manage privileged passwords and privileged accounts.



Since CyberArk is an essential tool for anyone studying cybersecurity, as it provides an understanding of how to protect a network from malicious threats and secure and manage privileged accounts. This CyberArk Tutorial will help you lead the competition in job opportunities at several fortune organizations. You can be the reason to enable organizations to protect their networks and data. With this CyberArk Tutorial for Beginners, students and professionals can gain the knowledge and add skills to stay ahead of the ever-evolving cyber threats and keep their networks safe.


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