Tekslate’s CA SiteMinder training will help you to develop the skills and knowledge required for efficient control over web applications through installing and configuring CA SiteMinder. It provides in-detailed knowledge on concepts of user authentication, single sign-on, policy server authorization, Global policies, etc. You will also get an opportunity to work on two real-time CA SiteMinder projects under the guidance of certified trainer during training which will help in clearing the C

Key Features

  • 30 hours of Instructor Led CA SiteMinder Training
  • Lifetime Access to Recorded Sessions
  • Practical Approach
  • 24/7 Support
  • Expert & Certified Trainers
  • Real World use cases and Scenarios
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Course Overview

After the successful completion of CA SiteMinder training at Tekslate, the participant will be able to

  • Get an overview of CA SiteMinder architecture and its key features

  • Install and configure a policy server, web agent, and report server.

  • Get an overview of authentication schemes and password services used in CA SiteMinder.

  • Understand SiteMinder caching and directory mapping

  • Use SiteMinder test tool for common errors and messages

  • Due to the high demand for CA SiteMinder, there are numerous job opportunities available around the world.

  • Many top companies have started using CA SiteMinder in their deployments increasing job opportunities in this field.

  • CA SiteMinder professionals are earning more salaries compared to professionals working on other technologies.

  • The average salary of a CA SiteMinder professional is $133,118 USD per annum.

  • World’s top multinational companies are recruiting CA SiteMinder certified professionals.

The following job roles will get benefited by taking this course:

  • Deployment Consultants

  • Architects

  • Administrators who are responsible for building, deploying, and  maintaining a CA SiteMinder infrastructure.

  • Aspirants looking for a career in this field.

The following are the prerequisites for learning this course:

  • The participant should have a working knowledge of federation concepts to gain maximum knowledge from this course.

  • Having a working knowledge of LDAP concepts will also be helpful.

We will provide two real-time projects under the guidance of a professional trainer, who will explain  you how to acquire in-depth knowledge on all the concepts involved in these projects.

Course Curriculum

  • SiteMinder 6.0 Components and Features

  • Single-Sign-On

  • Policy Server Services

  • Policy Server Objects

  • Total Process Flow

  • Installing the Policy Server

  • Creating a Policy Store

  • Installing a Web Agent

  • Trusted Host Registration

  • Configuring Web Agents

  • Installing the Reports Server

  • Agents and Agent Groups

  • Agent Conf Objects

  • Host Conf Objects

  • Trusted Hosts

  • User Directories

  • Policy Domains

  • Administrators

  • Authentication Schemes

  • Password Policies

  • Domain Objects

  • SiteMinder Security Model

  • Realms

  • Rules and Rule Groups

  • Responses and Response Groups

  • Policies

  • Variables

  • Using Responses for Personalization

  • Using Responses for Redirection

  • Default Headers

  • Explanation of Global Policies

  • Global Rules

  • Global Responses

  • Global Policies

  • Authentication Schemes

  • Basic Authentication

  • HTML Forms-Based Authentication

  • Certificate Authentication Schemes

  • Windows Integrated Authentication

  • Anonymous Authentication Scheme

  • Impersonation

  • Password Services Forms

  • Password Policy Definition

  • User Session and Account Management

  • Understanding SiteMinder Caching

  • key Management

  • Directory Mapping

  • User and Session Management

  • Manipulating the Policy Store

  • Reading log and trace files

  • Using the SiteMinder Test Tool

  • Common error codes and messages

  • Availability and Performance


We have a strong team of professions who are experts in their fields. Our trainers are highly supportive and render a friendly working environment to the students positively stimulating their growth.

We will share you the missed session from our recordings. We at Tekslate maintains a recorded copy of each live course you undergo.

Our Trainers will provide the student with the Server Access ensuring practical real-time experience and training with all the utilities required for the in-depth understanding of the course.

We provide all the training sessions LIVE using either GoToMeeting or WebEx, thus promoting one-on-one trainer student Interaction.

Live training uncovers distinct benefits as they are mighty to reach your desired audience converting your prospects into customers in less time. Pre-recorded videos offer plenty of advantages for entrepreneurs to educate entertain and inspire your audience as long as you want.

Yes. We provide the course materials available after course completion.

There exist some discounts for weekend batches and group participants if the joiners are more than 2.

If you are enrolled in classes and have paid fees but want to cancel the registration for any reason, we will attain you in 48 hours will be processed within 30 days of prior request.

You can contact our Tekslate support team, or you can send an email to info@tekslate.com for your queries.


For acquiring CA SiteMinder Certification, submit CA SiteMinder r12 Administrator exam online, and get certified in it.

For clearing the CA SiteMinder Certification, the candidate should possess strong technical skills in managing and deploying secure web applications.

Tekslate helps you with proper guidance via industry-expert trainers on how to acquire in-depth knowledge on major concepts of CA SiteMinder and its applications in real-time industries, and also provides additional information on latest developments happening in the market particular to this domain.

Through this, you will be able to clear your CA SiteMinder Certification exam in your first submit itself.

However, it also provides a course completion certificate of this course after completion of training.