SailPoint vs CyberArk

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Both SailPoint and CyberArk serve the same purpose: to protect company data from unauthorized access, and how they go protecting it are different. While Identity governance from SailPoint enables access control, applications, and information depending on user responsibilities and established access control policies over any platform or application, whether on-premises or in the cloud. And CyberArk also secures a company's most valuable assets by lowering the danger posed by access privileges, credentials, and insights.

It is critical to continue reading in order to gain a deeper understanding. We'll go over what SailPoint and CyberArk are, as well as their features and benefits, in this SailPoint vs CyberArk tutorial.

Sailpoint vs Cyberark - Table of Contents

SailPoint Introduction

In today's world, protecting your company's data and solutions is crucial. Your organization will be severely harmed if an unauthorized person gains access to the company data. The engineers have created SailPoint Cloud, an avant-garde platform that blends AI and machine learning to combat this. With this technology, it is possible for companies to successfully avoid unauthorized access as well as minimize leakage of sensitive information. 

What exactly is SailPoint?

SailPoint is an automation form of identity management that reduces the cost and difficulty of identity management all while allowing access to the users. It is a mobile application that is light and easy to use. It is referred to as an identity management solution because it has more functionality than identity management. The IdentityIQ war file is supplied by SailPoint and is called as IdentityIQ. All of the software components are contained in this war file.

SailPoint provides four solutions for organizations to manage user access from anywhere:

SailPoint IdentityIQ

It is SailPoint's main identity governance solution, and it includes user access, compliance controls, password protection, and registration, among other features.

SailPoint IdentityNow

It's a full cloud-based identity governance system that handles user access, provisioning, entry verification, and access controls for on-premises, cloud, and mobile apps.

SailPoint Security IQ

It's an add-on to the SailPoint identity governance platform that allows businesses to locate and regulate access to critical data saved on files, enhancing their capacity to deal with the growing danger to the security of unorganized stored data in data and files.

SailPoint Identity AI

It's an identity analytics solution that gives the client the visibility they need to evaluate the risk of user access by spotting aberrant behaviors that could indicate a breach and emphasizing administrative policies to better control accounts.

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What exactly is CyberArk?

CyberArk is primarily a safety device for password management and the protection of access privileges. It protects user access in enterprises by keeping a record of credentials involuntarily. You may keep and manage data using the CyberArk tool by alternating the credentials of all critical accounts so that you can effectively guard against malware and cyber threats. CyberArk is employed in sectors such as energy, medical, banking sectors, and retail, among others because it is a highly protective instrument. CyberArk has earned such a good image that it is used by approximately half of the Leading companies worldwide.


Features of SailPoint and CyberArk:

Some main features of SailPoint are

•    Identity Governance
•    Account Management
•    Password Management
•    Access Rights Request
•    Compliance Control
•    Automated User Provisioning
•    Mobile Support

Some main features of CyberArk are

•    Advanced Threat Protection
•    Industrial Control Systems Security
•    Windows Security
•    IT Audit and Reporting
•    DevOps Security
•    Cloud & Virtualization Security
•    Unix/Linux Security
•    Confidential File Security
•    Insider Threat Protection
•    Remote Vendor Access Security
•    Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

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Benefits of SailPoint

Let’s learn in brief the benefits of SailPoint:

  • Visibility: Having details regarding who is doing what along with who has access to what builds trust among you and your team. 
  • Security: You may make your applications and services identity-enabled with SailPoint's security functionality. This safeguards your firm against internal data leaks as well as unwanted    external data intrusions. 
  • Risk Mitigation: When an issue emerges, you may reduce the risk by using the program to determine who edited, duplicated, or erased certain information from your servers and taking fast action to correct the situation.
  • Managing Passwords: Your staff can update credentials and reset forgotten or unrecorded passwords using a password management application. All of your firm's passwords are also maintained securely, making them easy to access whenever they're needed.
  • Mobile Access: You have the option of storing your data in the cloud. One benefit of this service is that you may use your mobile device to access the program if you don't have accessibility to a PC.
  • Compliance: Compliance controls are provided by the vendor, which allows you to enforce user access regulations and budget management policies, among other things. For instance, in jobs that need a division of duties, you can designate an administrator who is the only person except you who has full power, whereas other members-only have limited control.

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Benefits of CyberArk

Businesses benefit greatly from CyberArk's leadership in cybersecurity solutions. Let’s learn some of the benefits in brief:

  • Automation: CyberArk Privileged Password Management and Control automate the complete protected life-cycle management procedure, which helps to safeguard passwords, networks, accounts, and devices. As a result, the tempo of workflow increases, giving people additional time to concentrate on the important tasks at hand.
  • Accountability: Users who use shared access privileges lose their identity as a result of this approach. As a result, locating the relevant individual will be much simpler anytime something needs to be investigated.
  • Flexibility: It's adaptable enough to provide the amount of granularity and implement regulations required for verification. This degree of adaptability makes implementing an organizational security policy based on access privileges much easier.
  • Privilege control: CyberArk Privileged Password Management and Control administrators have complete control over every authorized user's accessibility and capabilities. Administrators can utilize CyberArk to define, alter, and restrict the number of specific privileged users. Users' access privileges can be limited to their "need to know" basis, or they can be allowed according to the administrators' preferences.
  • Audit Reports: CyberArk offers the capacity to create and produce a complete audit report on each and all privileged user’s files and accesses. Apart from that, any protected activity can be investigated. All of these can be prepared for inspection and forensic analysis purposes.

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