Creating Parameters in Tableau

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Parameters are dynamic values that can replace constant values in calculations, filters, and reference lines. For example, you may create a calculated field that returns true if Sales is greater than $500,000 and otherwise return false. You can replace the constant value of “500000” in the formula with a parameter. Then using the parameter control you can dynamically change the threshold in your calculation. Alternatively, you may have a filter to show the top 10 products by profit. You can replace the fixed value “10” in the filter to by a dynamic parameter so you can quickly look at the top 15, 20, and 30 products.’

Creating Parameters: You can create a new parameter based on a selected field, or you can create a new parameter from the Calculated Field dialog box. Follow the instructions below to create a new parameter.

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Do one of the following:


In the Calculated field dialog box, click the Create link at the top of the list of parameters.

In the Data window, right-click a field to base the parameter on and select Create Parameter.


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