Create Data Store in SAP HANA
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Create Datastore for MYSQL DB

Login to DS Designer with local repository credentials

In Local object, worry go to Datastore (Tab)

Right-click and select new Provide DST Name  DSI Datastore

DST Type is a database.

DB Type MSSQL 2005

DB Server name DB


User id




So will get stored procedures, physical tables, and template table

Double click on the physical table will get a list of tables which are related to our source database

Note: - We need to import only required tables rather than all tables to increase the performance

We can convert template tables to physical tables.

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Create Datastore for SAP R3 ERP system

SAP ERP is recognized in DS as SAP Application DST. From SAP Application DS we call use metadata which is in the form of

  • Extractors in 4.0
  • Tables
  • Function module
  • Hierarchies
  • /docs

The above metadata can be extracted & loaded unto SAP BW and any DB

  Create Data Store in SAP HANA  

Log on DS designer with local reposting credentials In Local object Library go to the data store (tab) Right-click add select row Provide Datastore name

  •  Datastore type as SAP applications
  •  Application Server
  • Username
  • Password
  • System no
  • Working directory on SAP Server                Screenshot_24 D:/ usr / sap / trans
  • Application path to the shared directory    Screenshot_24  D:/ usr / sap/trans
  • Data Transfer Method                                 Screenshot_24Shared Directory
  • Security profile                                            Screenshot_24SAP – ALL
  • NO of connections                                      Screenshot_24 3
  • ABAP Execution option                               Screenshot_24Generate & execute / execute Preloaded

NOTE:- Normally when you read the data from SAP R3 system it is recommended to use ABAP dataflow Over normal dataflow If we want to store ABAP programmers in SAP systems we can select execute preloaded Celebrate & execute option the system generated ABAP code resides on DS and it will be reused for executions Whereas if you select execute preloaded then the ABAP code will be generated and reminds at SAP APPL servers DS uses 4 different data transfer methods

a) Direct directory    Screenshot_24Using DS Using RFC can

b) Shared directory  Screenshot_24Using SAP Transports

c) FTP                       Screenshot_24Using Remote Server

d) Custom Transfer   Screenshot_24Using Auto Execute Program

Note When you don’t provide a surety profile DS will take SAP-ALL If we want to restrict we need to create a seared profile and provide here Ok After creating DS we can create metadata

a) Extractors   Screenshot_24[Set of the data source provided by B1 content/custom]

b) Functions   Screenshot_24[Set of functional mapping to ERP system is achieved by ABAP code this is reformed as a function module which can be extracted & loaded dumped into any forget SAP BW/Data based]

c) Hierarchies Screenshot_24[During the preparation of the source system you map functional data to the SAP ERP system with a hierarchy

EX: - Cost center, GL amounts, eh, custom datastore

d) IDocs Screenshot_24are preferred to load the data into the target system when we used to transfer the data file it is Sinclair to an on-directed staging area

e) Tables Screenshot_24[SAP R3 DB tables]

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