Connecting HANA TABLES to Excel

20 September, 2018


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Connecting HANA TABLES to Excel

Open Excel -------- Go to data (tab)

From other sources click on from Microsoft Query

So, No will get Dialoguer box in database (tab)

Select ODBC connection for HANA

In next dialogue box provide port no,

User ID


Select Required table


We can set filters by providing operator for operands


We can sort by ascending / descending

Next select Return data to Microsoft excel

And Finish

So we will get dialogue box like this:

Import Data

Select how you want to view in your work box


Pivot table report

Pivot chat and pivot able repute

Only create creation

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Where do you want to put the data?


Click on properties

Usage (tab)

Select last refreshed options like

Enable background refresh

Refresh every           mins

Refresh data when opening the file

Defilation (tab)

So we will get connection string as will as command text (SQL command)

Click on Authentication settings

Windows Authentication

Again Enter User name & Password & will get ‘TABLE’SSS – SSS ID:



Note:-  If we keep refresh options for both exact, Table, model, ----------- system will ask user ID, Password

For every Interval (specified time (mins) in Refresh options)


Administrator activities in HANA STUDIO:-

Administrator console screen area:

Screen Area Description
Eclipse standard menu and tab bar Contains Eclipse standard functions
Navigator Contains systems (System landscape with optional       uses – defined folder structure)
Editors and Views Contains editor such as the Administration editor or     the SQL Editor, and views such as the table        definition view.
Manage and context information Contains Error and information messages and context – related information for editors and views (such as properties)

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