CommVault Web Serach Interface 7.0 for Users
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The Business Challenge

Data boom maintains to place strain on information technology (IT) infrastructures, traumatic ever increasing budgets and gadget.

Unstructured report structures and email data present challenges in growth and control, due to the character of how and whilst the data is created. customers are normally now not aware of quotas, and are normally disorganized in saving and naming their files and in dealing with their email folders. This makes it more tough to decide which files and messages are commercial enterprise-essential and which can be retired to help control data increase. This data chaos additionally makes it difficult for directors to help customers to find lacking or lost files while required.

The CommVault® solution CommVault® offers a notably higher approach that gets rid of the tiers of separation typically found between users and their data. in place of requiring users to work through a help table and management groups to find and recover their data, CommVault’s search web Interface gives customers with clean-to- use, direct internet access to files and 1ec5f5ec77c51a968271b2ca9862907d managed via CommVault software. the hunt interface operates against the single, virtual pool of controlled data created by using CommVault’s distinctive Singular approach, making it easier and more cost effective to search, get entry to and make use of that data.

The CommVault search interface services the growing demands of business compliance and legal discovery groups as well as give up-users. It includes capabilities designed to help organizations in responding to legal discovery actions and compliance audits, and to enable better levels of business productivity and competitiveness by presenting users direct get entry to to data.

The CommVault search interface is a web- based browser that enables customers to look for files and e mail using attributes and content that may be everywhere in the file, document, or email message, along with attachments. easy and advanced criteria may be applied, consisting of search by using file/message attributes, content keywords and phrases and information coverage proper- ties (as an example, source, agent, timestamps, and process-identity). Wildcard and Boolean seek strategies are supported, in conjunction with alternative spelling recommendations to improve the exceptional of the quest results.

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Search perspectives offer intuitive functions together with relevancy scoring, hit sorting and dynamic content teasers to permit customers to fast deter- mine which gadgets they want. while a seek returns masses or thousands of hits, the consumer can use the drop-down “seek Navigators” to filter the results primarily based on content material and attribute categories. search-within-a-search capabilities offer an smooth way to fast refine and narrow searches through applying more focused criteria.

The data that is searchable via the search interface consists of CommVault backup and archive copies which have been content indexed. This information can be secondary or “offline” copies of:

  • Any report system records
  • Microsoft exchange messages and attachments
  • IBM Lotus Domino messages and attachments
  • Microsoft SharePoint documents and objects
  • Facts stored on disk and tape

Search capabilities can also be extended to “online” or production copies of home windows file gadget information, via applying CommVault content material Indexing to windows file system servers.

Flexible Use of search results

The user-friendly experience of the search interface extends beyond single seek and item retrieval. users can name save searches, as Queries, for clean re-use. customers can also save selected items from seek results into one or extra named end result Set lists. The objects in the end result Set can be appended or deleted at the consumer’s discretion. the hunt interface additionally provides an area to comment on every object inside the end result Set, permitting a user to make notes for destiny use or comply with-up studies.

Running with result units makes it efficient and speedy for customers to prepare objects associated with specific research and discovery initiatives, to categorize and group objects found from multiple seek, and to gain more fee over the years.

End of the result Set lists can be exported into PST and CAB documents and shared, enabling research groups or discovery teams to work collectively to pick data earlier than any documents are retrieved from the pool. This facilitates to make sure that best the data this is relevant to a research project, audit or prison discovery action is retrieved—before the time is taken to retrieve the items.

Efficient Retrieve and Viewing

Items, either files or e mail messages, may be selected and recovered for nearby viewing and use either individually or as a group. Recovered gadgets are stored on the local web server, in the task effects directory. Recovered gadgets may be opened and viewed immediately from the quest interface, and exported quick and easily into PST and CAB files. locally-stored files and messages also can be copied and opened in examine/write form the usage of the report system or messaging application.

The manner of retrieving the files or email messages from the managed pool operates as a normal CommVault retrieve (from archive) or restore (from backup) operation. The related jobs are tracked and pronounced generally, and their repute may be considered immediately in the seek interface for user convenience.

The Search interface switches from Result Set to Media views with the touch of a button. The Media view provides a complete list of all the media on which the items listed in the Result Set are stored, including disk library locations and tapes. This is helpful for confirming the availability of media ahead of attempting to retrieve items, such as when tapes are stored offsite. Users can also use this view to “pin” media, to prevent that media from being removed from the library.

Business effects: Optimized information access

Optimizing data - the potential to go looking and access it's far gaining board-stage interest in maximum companies these days particularly as it relates to e-discovery and audit. As courts and regulators grow to be less tolerant of records control mistakes, the want grows for a unified method to look and discover any replica of managed data while the clock is ticking. With CommVault software, a couple of unique forms of information are mixed right into a single, searchable archive.

Search and discovery is enabled throughout data types and site limitations. the usage of a single index, CommVault seek can unexpectedly find facts consistent with parameters which includes date, time and application. once responsive data has been recognized, legal holds may be affected with point-and-click ease. Discovery users can e mail result sets to reviewers or to outdoor counsel whilst making ready for litigation, as well as export files and e mail messages into PST and CAB files for easy import into legal discovery workflow tools.

With information at their collective fingertips, key decision makers, legal compliance officers and business end-users can make greater informed decisions and improve multi-channel collaboration.

Key Features and Benefits of Comvault:

Features Benefits
Search all data Gives the choices to look just offline data, or online data or both.
Keyword searches with wildcard support Utilize at least one keywords to look crosswise over documents. Utilize special cases to broaden the power of the search.
Search within a Search Enhances ease of use by giving a simple technique to limit the consequences of searches.
Federated Search Federated Search
Singular Search Gives a simplified, simplified, intuitive search prepare that spans online Windows records, offline reinforcement and disconnected file datasets with a solitary scan for most extreme time-investment funds efficiency and disclosure capacity.
Query Builder for custom SQL queries Inorder to fine-tune your search and retrieve of data, enter custom SQL queries in Compliance searches
Download staging area Gives a simple to-oversee arranging region for get ready to fare content into ZIP or PST records, to guarantee that the things that you need are incorporated into the rundown before you perform the export.
Ad-hoc Content Indexing Can Index any backup or archive copy. Index older backup or archive copies. Speed initial backup and archive operation
Single Instance Storage (SIS) Capabilities Single Instancing of documents and connections crosswise over reinforcement and file duplicates and in addition crosswise over email, records and SharePoint report sets decreases the repetition of information, making it speedier and less demanding to seek. It additionally diminishes the aggregate limit of capacity required to store the information on plate, where it is speedier and simpler to access with Search Restore Jobs.
Content Indexing Capabilities Work with a large number of things and keep up quick and proficient substance level look. See and refine Result Sets before starting recovery forms for most extreme proficiency. The CommVault Outlook Add-in inquiry ability is accessible to pursuit post box chronicles without the requirement for Content Indexing, for fundamental search access.
Secure Access By defining User Group access privileges in the Unified Console interface, can enable administrators to control access to information that need be searched.
Active Directory (AD) Integration with Single- Sign On (SSO) To simplify role-based security management and maximize administration efficiencies AD Group can used. Use of AD is optional.
Pin Media Enables a user to select tape media, to prevent the media from being expelled from the library.
Pin Job Enables a user to select backup jobs, to prevent them from aging out or being overwritten. This is effective for legal hold retention, as well as for other purposes.
Quick View Restores the selected results item to the job results directory on the local web server, to make the item locally viewable.
Save Queries as “My Queries” Queries can be named and saved for easy re-use. Queries may include keywords, version of the file that can be search for, location, file types, messaging details, and span of search.
Search Envelopes Before information is retrieved, search Envelopes can be exported and shared to confirm content.
Navigators Quickly sort the items in Search Results by selecting to sort by size, by modified or received time, and item Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME) type. MIME types include plain text, application type, image, and so forth.
Result Sets Allows users to create folders of relevant hits that they can add to or delete over time. User can apply annotations to result sets and can be manipulated for local use. Items from Result Sets can be exported to CAB and PST files, and the summary can be saved as an XML file.
Export Results Content material can be without problems exported to PST and ZIP documents to percentage in amongst groups of humans, which include legal discovery teams.
Advanced search options Displays additional seek criteria that you may use to similarly to refine your searches. more than one entries are allowed in the standards for To, From, CC, and BCC fields while searching for messages.
Search Restore Job Monitoring The status of jobs acting recuperation of items to the local internet server may be regarded from the search interface.
Search Restore Job Summary Report Point-and-click reporting available to directors provides specific facts on the seek restore jobs which might be performed with the aid of users from the search internet interface. reports include a summary of seek jobs for every consumer, a list of all search restore jobs at some point of a specified time period, and targeted information on every search restore activity.
Easy Administration Capabilities to Control Search Disk Space Use Set disk quotas, number of outcomes per page, queries consistent with user, results per result Set, end result units in line with user and end result Set retention periods to control the quantity of disk area that each search consumer can consume.

Key Capabilities

  • Content Indexing - Work with millions of items to maintain fast and efficient content-degree search.
  • Singular Search - Gives a simplified, intuitive search technique that spans on line windows documents, offline backup and offline archive datasets with a single search for maximum time-financial savings efficiencies and discovery capability.
  • Web client search Console - Begin the search web Interface from at once within Outlook or the use of a URL from an internet browser.
  • Search Within a Search - Fast and easily refine result sets to find relevant data.
  • Secure access and Audit tracking - Get right of entry to is defined in configurable consumer groups, and optionally leverages energetic listing. User seek activities are tracked and said.
  • Audit-ready seek restore job Reporting - Factor-and-click on, audit-ready reporting offers details on the seek restore Jobs appropriate for discovery audits.
  • Provides evidence of search consequences and whole result set transport.
  • Quit-user Self seek - Internet based totally seek view and retrieve of any content-indexed home windows data to which the user has permission.
  • eDiscovery Compliance search - Privileged customers can use the equal seek interface to search, view and retrieve supported and content material- listed object-level data below management. Access is defined in user organizations at the client level.
  • Set Media hold - Enables a person to impose a hold at the source data to prevent regular expiration with the option save you the export of detachable media (tapes/disk) from the library. The abilities are called “Pin Media” and “Pin process”.

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