It is the calculation library of applications business top of the SAP HANA database. If resides in the calculation engine and consists of many business Functions exciting at the database layer and is written in c

Design Goals

Significant performance improvement for SAP app

Utilizing new hardware i.e. multi core, built vector engine

Mastic parallel main memory processing

Changing the dromedaries between application server and data management layer

Simplification of application F gramming _ model

Usage of extended SQL (SQL script)

Rich functionless in the calculation engine

Fast apps delivery

New Approach in Building Apps

(a) Performance Improvement by factors

Applications need to push down the data intensive calculation into the SAP HANA database

Parallelization of algorithms

(b)Shorten Development Life guide

Rich business functions for different industries

Extend and powerful SQL scripts for use.

(c)Deliver – Customers’ real need application:

Quickly build business scenarios

Effective communication on requirements

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Predictive Analysis Algorithms in BFL

In SAP HANA SPUB, the following, will supported in the BFL, grouped into class syerred to as the predictive analysis library within the BFL

Clustered (K-Means)


Association Analysis (approve)

Decision Trce (c4.5)

ABC clarification

Weighted score tables

The predicative analysis process is as follows

Select the data for the predicative analysis

Data could be in csr file, database table, universe…..

Understand the data and preparing the data for analysis

Various data preparation methods : Sample,



Append. &

Apply formula …….

Visualize the data


Perform the analysis using predicative algorithms  & visualize the results

Define the mode:- clarification analysis, time series analysis Association analysis, segmentation analysis ……………..

Training the model, test the model, visualizes the model.

Example:-       A decision tree viewer, cluster viewer


Store the result or created model

Store the results in csv, database, universal store the model in PMML.

Store the created “trained” model in the repository …


Use the created model for further analysis:

Use the model on the tire data to scours the model

Export the created model in Industry standard model which can be used by SAP business Applications.

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