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Install Pentaho BI Server 4.5 on Windows 7 x64

Install Java

Your steps may vary slightly as I had an older version of the JDK installed. However, the gist is “just click Next till your done”.

Download the Java JDK from

After downloading, double-click the installer, which will be named something like: (the name of your file may vary depending on which version you have downloaded)

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Click Next.

Click Next. Wait for the installation to finish.

Click Next. Wait for the JRE installation to finish.

Click Continue.

Click Next to start the JavaFX SDK Setup.

Click Next.

Click Close.

Add Java to your PATH

You should now have the Java SDK installed into something like (your exact path may vary based on the version):

C:Program FilesJavajdk1.7.0_04bin

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Click Start.

Right-click on Computer, click Properties.

In the left pane, click Advanced system settings.

Select the Advanced tab, then click Environment Variables…

In System Variables, scroll till you find Path.

Select Path, click Edit…

Add the Java bin folder to your path by appending;C:Program FilesJavajdk1.7.0_04bin to the end of the Path Variable Value.

Click OK.

Click New…

In Variable name, enter: PENTAHO_JAVA_HOME

In Variable value, enter: C:Program FilesJavajdk1.7.0_04

Click OK.

Click OK.

Click OK.

As the last step check that your path is set correctly.

Open Powershell.

Type java -version.

Then type javac -version.

For each command above, you should see the correct Java version  (for me its 1.7.0_04)

Open a command prompt.


You should see the following as output: C:Program FilesJavajdk1.7.0_04

Install Pentaho BI Server

Now that we have Java installed we can get on with our main task of installing the Pentaho BI Server.

Download the Pentaho BI Server from I’m using the current stable build which is

Open Windows Explorer and create new folder: C:Program FilesPentaho.


Next, copy the biserver-ce and administration-console folder into C:Program FilesPentaho.

Update the Permissions to allow the server to be run as a developer’s regular user (i.e. not Administrator)

In Windows Explorer, navigate to C:Program Files.

Right-click the Pentaho folder, click Properties.

Select the Security tab, click Edit.

Click Add.

Enter the developer’s username, then click OK.

In the Allow column, check Full control.

Click OK.

Click OK.

For In-depth Knowledge on Pentaho click on below:

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