By taking Pentaho training from Tekslate, you”ll gain exposure on the Pentaho Data Integration. You”ll Learn how to deliver data to various applications through out-of-the-box data standardization method. This course covers in-depth concepts in Pentaho data integration such as Pentaho Mondrian cubes, reporting, and dashboards. enrichment, and quality capabilities. You will get hands-on experience in Pentaho by working on various real-time applications.

Key Features

  • 30 hours of Instructor Led Pentaho Training
  • Lifetime Access to Recorded Sessions
  • Practical Approach
  • 24/7 Support
  • Expert & Certified Trainers
  • Real World use cases and Scenarios
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Course Overview

By the end of the Pentaho training, you will be able to:

  • Understand the architecture of the Pentaho BI suite.
  • Learn Pentaho analytics for creating reports using Pentaho BI Server.

  • Perform multiple data integration, transformation, and analytics.

  • Gain knowledge of Pentaho dashboard and business analytics.

  • Use PDI and ETL design patterns to populate data warehouse star schema.

  • Create complex reports and dashboard for analysis.

  • There are huge employment opportunities for certified Pentaho BIs around the globe

  • Top multinational companies are hiring certified Pentaho professionals worldwide

  • The average salary of a certified Pentaho professional is around $104,000 USD per annum.

  • Business analysts

  • BI developers

  • Data scientists

  • Data Warehousing programmers

  • Solution architects

  • Aspirants who are willing to build their career in the administrative field.

There are no prerequisites for learning Pentaho course. The following job roles will get benefited by taking up this course:

  • Data analysts

  • Data Warehouse developers

  • Architects

The tutor will take care of handling the projects. We will provide two real-time projects with a highly-skilled guide who can assist you throughout the project.

Course Curriculum

  • Objective-C

  • Frameworks

  • Cocoa Touch

  • Foundation Framework

  • The iPhone Frameworks

  • Objective-C Classes and Objects
  • The @interface and @implementation Compiler Directives

  • Method Declaration and Definition

  • Nested Arguments

  • Class and Instance Methods

  • The alloc and init Methods

  • Managing Memory Using Retain and Release.

  • Properties, Retain, Assign, Copy.

  • Multiple-Argument Messages

  • Understanding the id Variable type

  • Categories & Protocols.


  • Adding a UIView and UIViewController to a UIApplicationDelegate

  • Connecting UIWindow, UIApplication, and UIApplicationDelegate

  • Try This: Exploring MainWindow.xib

  • UIApplication and UIApplicationDelegate

  • The main.m file

  • Handling Application Life Cycle Events.

  • The UIView Class

  • The UIViewController Class

  • View-based Application Template

  • IBoutlet and IBAction

  • Using a View-based Application Template

  • Buttons
  • Text Fields

  • Labels

  • Sliders

  • Progress

  • Switch

  • Web View

  • Image View

  • Segmented Control

  • Date picker

  • Picker

  • Alerts & Action Sheets

  • Page Controller


  • NSString, NSObject

  • NSArray, NSMutable Array

  • NSDictionary, NSMutable Dictionary

  • Other etc important classes

  • UITableView

  • UITableViewDelegate and UITableViewDataSource

  • UITableViewDelegate

  • UITableViewDataSource

  • Adopting the UITableViewDelegate and

  • UITableViewDataSource

  • UITableViewController.

  • UINavigationBar, UINavigationController, and UINavigationItem

  • Try This: Building a Three-View Application Using a Navigation Bar

  • Adding Another View

  • Try This: Duplicating the Utility Application

  • More on the UINavigationController

  • Pushing and Popping

  • Try This: Using a Navigation Controller in a Tab

  • UITabBar, UITabBarController, UITabBarItem, and UITabBarControllerDelegate

  • Using the Tab Bar Application Template

  • Adding a Tab Bar Item to a Tab Bar Application

  • Allowing Users to Customize a Tab Bar

  • Core Data in brief

  • Creating the Core Data Model

  • Entities, Attributes, Relationships

  • Generating NSManaged Object

  • Adding Objects

  • Saving Changes

  • Fetching Entities

  • Deleting Entities

  • Creating the DataBase using simple firefox SQLite Manager

  • SQL Database Manipulations

  • Opening the DataBase

  • Statements, Preparing Statements, executing statements

  • Select

  • Playing Sounds AVAudioPlayer, AVAudioPlayerDelegate

  • Media Player Framework MPMoviePlayer Controller

  • Core Plot (Bar Graph's) & Core Graphics Introduction.

  • Google Maps & Annotations Introduction.


Our trainers are well experienced professionals and certified in working with front-end development technologies.

We will record all the Live sessions you go through, and we will send the recording of the class you missed.

For practical execution, our trainer will provide server access to the student. 

All our training classes are live. This is to solve all the student queries directly with the trainer.

Live online training means, our trainer will be in online with you to solve your issues.
Pre-recorded training means, there will be no trainer available to solve your issues.

You can contact our Tekslate support team, or you can send an email to info@tekslate.com for your queries.

Yes, you can access the course material after completing course by the recorded training videos we shared with you during training.

To avail all discounts offered by Tekslate, you need to visit the website regularly. However, there will be a group discount for 2 or more participants.

Yes, you will get your refund by cancelling some administration fee from the course. But, you should cancel your enrolment within 48 hours of registration, and then the refund will be retained within 30 days of a request.


Certification is a matter of demonstrating your skills and establishing your credibility. Having a Pentaho Certification proves that the candidate has a strong foundation and expertise in implementing asset management techniques using Pentaho, and also helps to land in a better job in your career.

Tekslate will provide you with a course completion certificate after you complete the course. After the course completion, you will be in a position to clear the certification exam conducted by Hitachi Vantara with ease. We advise you to take up the following certification exam.

  • Hitachi Vantara Certified Expert - Pentaho Solutions Architect

Click here to get certified.