Backup & Recovery In SAP Hana

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22nd September, 2020




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Backup & Recovery

Every initial load it is recommended to take a backup of ‘data area’, ‘log area’, and ‘configuration files’.

Backup of data area: This is done from the persistent stage to the external backup   location

Backup of log area: This is the automatic activity by the system scheduler where we have to define the level of logs to be captured.

Backup of configuration files:   Here we have all landscape settings, DB settings, privileges settings, etc., in .INI file which is to be backuped manually.

To take backup the user should have two privileges

  • Backup – ADMIN
  • CATALOG – READ, Backup – Admin

Process for taking BACKUP

Log on to HANA Studio.

Right-click on DB System

Select the backup option

Provide the base path where you take back up

(Which is already defined in global .INI file)

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To recover the system from failure it will ask you to shut down after the recovery point.

Go to HANA Studio  Untitled  Administrator   Untitled  Recovery    Untitled   Select system   Untitled  restart

Option select recovery point.

1) Recovery to a specified point of time

2) Recovery to a specified log position

3) Recovery of a specific data backup

Recovery path

/usr/sap/HAN/HDB 52/backup/data


SAP HANA Tutorials

In the Admin console

When you open HANA Studio you have to connect the HANA DB further

We have to right-click on the mode & click an add system

  • Host Name      
  • Instance Number  
  • Description      
  • Locale            
  • Add to folder 

To export the development landscape to testing & production

First, we have to create a landscape for testing and production frost we have to create a landscape.

XML file exporting later we can find import the same on quality & production

We can ‘stop & Restart’ the DB system from HANA studio

In HANA studio ‘load / unload’ option will allow you to commit the data Ram into main memory.

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