ASP.NET Resume

17 September, 2018


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 ASP.NET Sample Resume :

99 Orlando, Florida. (567)  636 856.

 Professional Summary :

  • Developed both front-end and back-end client side website.
  • Participated in system specification meetings, designing data base structure and analyzed user requirements.
  • Created Database throw code first in MVC.
  • Having knowledge on working with User interface using HTML5 ,CSS, JavaScript, JQuery.
  • Creating Userface and Corporative application for business purpose.
  • Documented all the codes and specifications for future reference.

Technical Strengths :

  • Frame Work : .NET 3.5.
  • Data base : SQL Server, DB2.
  • Languages : C, C++,HTML, JAVA,C#, VB.NET.
  • Technologies : Winforms, Web services.

Educational Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science Engineering, Fordham University, Florida.

Professional Experience :

  • Having 2 years of experience as ASP.NET developer in Express Net Airlines, Florida.

Roles and Responsibilities :

  • Involved in developing and designing websites on ASP.NET Framework through agile development.
  • Involved in performance of troubleshooting, testing and debugging.
  • Built new features for already existing websites.
  • Involved in analyzing technical,business and functional requirements to make sure project met expectations.
  • Involved in working with Oracle data bases and designed stored procedures.
  • Providing support for applications.

 Accomplishments :

  • Established an IT team to support regional operations.
  • Troubleshooting the issues and finding defects.

ASP.NET Sample Resume Tips For Better Resume :

  • Bold the most recent job titles you have held.
  • Highlight your roles and responsibilities.
  • Showcase Transparency in employment Gaps (if any).
  • Make it clear in the 'Objectives'  that you are qualified for the type of job you are applying.
  • Feature your Communication Skills and quick learning ability.
  • Invest time in underlining the most relevant skills.


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