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17 September, 2018


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 Andriod Sample Resume

987 Marshall Road , Hydsberg , New york. (258) 147 369.

 Profile Summary :

  • Seeking a growth oriented and challenging  environment  where i can utilize my knowledge and skills based on mobile development applications.
  • Working for long hours without loosing patience.
  • Worked on all mobile applications including Android and IOS.
  • Having Knowledge in application testing and debugging.
  • willing to update my knowledge through continuous learning.
  • Working closely with business managers and technical teams for executing concurrent projects.
  • Co-operating with other team members for designing and application maintenance in the organization for efficient work progress.

  Key Skills :

  •  Domain Platform : Mobile Application development.
  • Programming Languages : C ,C++ , JAVA..
  • Operating Systems : Windows 7, UNIX.
  • Tools : Andriod SDK , Adobe illustrator.

 Educational Qualifications :

  • Bachelor of degree in Electronics and communications , Fordham university , Newyork.

 Professional Experience :

  • Having 3 years of Experience in mobile Application development based on Android , Alpha communications limited , Newyork.

 Duties and Responsibilities :

  •  Involved in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for analysis , development,testing and enhancement of the code.
  • Good knowledge in creating data base structures and integrate with Android applications and web interfaces.
  • Participating in new features/product specifications.
  • Developing handset specific User Interface (UI) for mobiles and tablets PC's.
  • Developed and Implemented 3D display for touch screen mobiles.
  • Maintained technical specification reports to application development process.
  • Performed testing and resolving issues in the new and existing applications.
  • Researched on applications to become more user friendly.

 Accomplishments :

  •  Handled a team of 5 members.
  • Troubleshooting the issues and identifying the bugs.

  Android Sample Resume Secrets Tips For Better Resume : 

  • Highlight your duties and Responsibilities.
  • Bold the most recent job titles you have held.
  • Invest time in underlining the most relevant skills.
  • Make it clear in the 'Objectives' that you are qualified for the type of job you are applying.
  • Showcase transparency in Employment Gaps ( if any).
  • Feature your communication skills and quick learning ability.
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