What is the use of PROC gplot?

PROC gplot has more options and can create more colorful and fancier graphics.

What is difference between CEIL and FLOOR functions?

The cell function returns the smallest integer greater than/equal to the argument whereas the floor returns the greatest integer less than/equal to the argument.

How debug SAS Macros?  

There are some system options that can be used to debug SAS Macros: MPRINT, MLOGIC, SYMBOLGEN

How to save log in an external file?


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What is the difference between SAS PROCs and the SAS DATA STEP?

Procs are sub-routines with a specific purpose in mind and the data step is designed to read in and manipulate data.

How can you write a SAS data set to a comma delimited file?

PUT (formatted) statement in data step.

Explain SUBSTR function?

SUBSTR Function is used for extracting a string or replacing contents of character value.

Explain what is the basic structure of SAS programing?

SAS programs consists of :

-DATA step, which recovers & manipulates data.

-PROC step, which interpret the data.

Difference between Input and Put function?

Input function – Character to numeric conversion- Input (source, Informat) and put function – Numeric to character conversion- put (source, format)

BY processing requires that your data already be sorted or indexed in the order of the BY variables.

What are the functions which are used for Character handling functions?

UPCASE and LOWCASE are the functions which are used for character handling functions.

What is the basic syntax style in SAS?

The points important for running SAS program are :

DATA statement, which names your data set.

The names of the variables in your data set are described by INPUT statement.

Statement should be ended through semi-colon(;).

Space between word and statement should be there.

What is a procedure?

A SAS program is composed of one or more (statistical) procedures. Each procedure is a unit, although some are needed to run others. Running a procedure typically results in output going to the output window. There are ways to suppress this output if you do not want to see each step of an analysis.