Introduction to SAS
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SAS(Statistical Analysis Software)

  • What is SAS(Statistical Analysis Software)
  • Development in SAS
  • SAS role in life science and(business) pranking industry
  • For jobs


The way of processing to give solution for query or required.

  • Data is available in electronic files or software files. Software data is available upto 52 electronic files, also called data base files.
  • SAS is also called Decision making analysis.


Simple Analysis tool – Excel

Next -  SPSS

Next – Minitab


BO and Cognos  - can do analysis and reporting.


Learn the core features of SAS and become master with our expertise SAS Training.

Development in SAS

  • James good night – Father of SAS
  • In 1995 he got a project – world wide Agricultural and analysis
  • He discovered a tool used with ‘C’ language
  • In 1970 launched in new York as statical Analysis tool and in 1980 changed as software graphical report
  • In 1990 – changed as a Data ware housing tool

SAS role in life science and banking

16 industries require SAS

  1. Science
  2. Banking
  3. Insurance
  4. Retail Business
  5. Health care
  6. Communication
  7. Education
  8. Finance



Life Science (or)clinical organization

To improve business they improve health using with drug


Research -> new drug -> Test-> Preclinical

Clinical trails – protocol

  • Phase 1 – Test for 20 ruman
  • Phase 2 – patients 200 -300 test safety, effective, tolerate
  • Phase 3 – 2000 -3000 – Safety efficiency
  • Phase 4

Comparison between patient taken drug and other without drug – placebo

This report is stored in case report format(CRF)

Name, age, HW, working, color, race } – demo


Pid, lab no, dbp, sbp, ECG

Medicine, CRF, PID, drug

Ad events

  1. Expected
  2. Unexpected
  3. Serious

DBMS – Database Management System : Data is collected in electronic and CDM System


Risk Management Analysis – Analysis

Monitor team – Clinical based on protocol (Life sciences)


Position in SAS

  1. SAS Programmer
  2. SAS analyst

CSA – Clinical Support Analyst         TCS and CTS

DSA – Decision Support Analyst

Business Analyst

SAS has 46 products main – SAS/ BASE/SHS/ SQL,SAS / ACCESS , SAS/ CONNECT – ETL ,

New – ETL / SAS Studio


Uses of SAS

  • Database- It is the storage place of data
  • 52 database are available
  • Using SAS, we can do data ware housing

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