Agile Interview Questions

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Agile Interview Questions and Answers

Are you planning to attend an interview for the Agile role but confused on how to crack that interview and also what would be the most probable Agile Interview Questions that the interviewer may ask? Well, you have reached the right place. Tekslate has collected the most frequently asked Agile Interview Questions And Answers which are often asked in multiple interviews.

Most frequently asked Agile Interview Questions

Q1. What is Agile? 

Ans. Agile software development commits to a combination of software development methods based upon iterative development, wherever conditions and solutions develop within a collaboration among self-organizing and cross-functional organisations.

Q2. What is Agile Testing?

Ans. Agile Testing is a method that a QA(quality assurance) happens in a dynamic environment wherever testing demands continue evolving according to consumer requirements. It is performed parallel to the growth exercise where the testing organisation receives regular shortcodes from the developing team toward testing.

Q3. Explain about QA in agile?

Ans. Quality Assurance is a precise method that guarantees product and service perfection. The agile QA method starts at the beginning of the software improvement life cycle. From the beginning design meeting, into the development phase, over ultimate testing and thickening of the application.

Q4. Where does QA fit in agile?

Ans. In agile projects, quality assurance must be installed in the Scrum teams because testing and quality are not at all a reconsideration. Quality must be tempered in benefit from the start. By building a quality assurance(QA) team, we drop in the risk of departing the testers of vital communications with the product proprietors, developers and so on.

Q5. What is the full form of Agile?

Ans. AGILE is abbreviated as Association of Geographic Information Laboratories 

Q6. What are the principles of Agile?


  • Early and continuous software delivery for customer satisfaction
  • Accommodate evolving specifications during the development process
  • Regular delivery of running software
  • Trust, support and motivate the people involved 
  • Enable face-to-face communications

Q7. What are the values of Agile?


  • Interactions above processes and tools
  • Working software upon extensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration upon contract intervention
  • Reacting to development over regarding a method

Q8. What are the roles of scrum?

Ans. There are three important roles of Scrum they are

  • The Scrum master
  • The Product owner
  • The team which have team members

Q9. What are the principles of Agile Testing?


  • Firstly testing is not a phase
  • Testing takes the project further
  • It decreases the response time of feedback
  • Clean code
  • Reduces the documentation of test
  • Test-Driven

Q10. List the responsibilities of ScrumMaster?


  • Explains to the Product Owner how to enlarge ROI(return on investment) and meet their objectives within Scrum.
  • Enhance the participation of the Development Team by promoting creativity and also empowerment.
  • Enhance the productivity of the Development Team in each way possible.
  • Enhance the engineering methods and tools so that each increase of functionality is probably shippable.
  • Keep data regarding the Team’s progress up to date and obvious to all participants.

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Q11. What are the common metrics for Agile?


  • Velocity 
  • Cumulative flow diagram
  • Work category Allocation
  • Time Coverage 
  • Business value Delivered 
  • Defect Removal Awareness 

Agile Scrum Interview Questions

Q12. Does scrum projects need any documentation?

Ans. No, scrum projects do not need any documentation such as implementation, test cases and so on.

Q13. Differentiate between scrum and Agile Development?

Ans. Agile is a software method whereas Scrum is one of the frameworks that follow Agile.

Q14. Explain the role of Sashimi under Scrum methodology?

Ans. Sashimi performs an essential role within Scrum methodology. this is a procedure utilised over Scrum to indicate the achievement of every function designed through the developers. Applying this procedure, all the essentials such as interpretation, design, coding, test and finally documentation that remain practised in the organisation of a product are verified and only later that this outcome is presented.

Q15. Explain about Scrum’s story point?

Ans. A story point in Scrum is the system for the judgment of complete applications that are needed to achieve or complete a distinct task. Therefore, here is how you can acknowledge such agile scrum.

Q16. Explain about the spike in Agile?     

Ans. Spike is the kind of narrative that can be practised among the sprints. Spikes are generally utilised for the actions associated with the design or else technical problems such as analysis, design, prototyping, and research. There are two kinds of spikes functional spikes and also technical spikes.

Q17. What are Agile quality strategies?


  • Iteration 
  • Re-factoring
  • Dynamic code analysis 
  • Short feedback cycles
  • Reviews and inception
  • Standards and guidelines
  • Milestone reviews

Q18. Explain about burn-up and burn-down charts?

Ans. The burn-up chart demonstrates the volume of a finished task in a project whereas the burn-down chart represents the volume of work continued to develop a project. Therefore, the burn-up and burn-down charts are utilised to track the development of a project.

Q19. Like scrum name few other Agile frameworks?


  • Feature-driven development
  • Test-driven development
  • Kanban 

Q20. What are the skills required to become a great Agile Tester?


  • Expected to be easy with the theories and laws of Agile
  • Must have great communication to interact with the partners and the clients
  • Capacity to set precedence for the duties as per the conditions
  • Should be capable to acknowledge the needs properly

Q21. What is the ideal duration of a scrum sprint?

Ans. The duration of a Scrum Sprint or the Scrum Cycle essentially depends on the project capacity and the team operating it. A Scrum team may have 3-9 team members, and it takes approximately 3-4 weeks to compose and execute a Scrum script. Passing by this consideration, the normal duration of a Scrum Sprint is probably four weeks. 

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Q22. What are the methodologies and development that need Agile?


  • Crystal methodologies 
  • Lean software development
  • Dynamic Development
  • Feature-driven development

Q23. What is a sprint planning meeting?

Ans. This is a meeting within which total Scrum roles hold a conversation regarding the team’s superiority characteristics and product supply items is recognised essentially as a sprint planning meeting. This meeting is taken on each week and continues for approximately 1 hour. 

Agile Interview Questions for Testers

Q24. What is the Sprint Retrospective Meeting?

Ans. This is a  meeting within which total Scrum roles hold a conference regarding the excellent piece of the sprint, the critical character about the sprint including the sprint advances is recognised while sprinting retrospective meeting. Here meeting that is accommodated at the sprint discussion meeting or at the conclusion of the sprint it endures for 2 to 3 hours. 

Q25. List the parameters to choose the resources required to the scrum team?


  • The wide set of abilities needed to create the team
  • The flexibility in team association for a lengthy span of time
  • The commitment of team members to person and particularly one team
  • Heterogeneity and diversity in thinking and experience that is a large set of plans and experience for more innovation

Q26. What is planing poker technique?

Ans. Planning poker also acknowledged as Scrum Poker which is a card-based agile way that is applied for planning and estimating. To begin a session of planning poker technique, the agile user story is perceived by the product proprietor.

Q27. What is beneficial scrum or waterfall?

Ans. sometimes it is recommended to practice a waterfall model beyond Scrum. It is performed when the client needs are simplistic, clear, fully registered, anticipated, and are not constrained to improve until the end of the project. 

Q28. Why do you think scrum always encourages to use of automated testing?

Ans. Scrum supports the adopt automated testing to obtain the quickest achievable distribution of the project.

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Q29. What is time coverage in Agile?

Ans. Time coverage means the time which is provided to code while testing. It is estimated within the percentage of the term as a portion of a number of rows of code described by the test series and the complete amount of relevant rows of code.

Q30. How is the velocity of a sprint?

Ans. Velocity is one like the outlining tool utilised to determine the pace of the work and also the time of fulfilment of the project

Q31. How can we measure the velocity of a sprint?

Ans. The measurement of velocity is made by examining the work partners has successfully achieved through more advanced sprints 

Q32. When do we use the word scrum of scrums?

Ans. The word ‘Scrum of Scrums’ is applied whenever there are various teams associated with a project. It indicates to the scaling of this regular Scrum meeting.

Q33. What is pair programming?

Ans. The mixed energy in the team wherever individual programmer composes the code also the opposite individual reviews it is denominated pair programming. 

Q34. What are the benefits of pair programming?

Ans. There are two main benefits of pair programming they are

  • Quality of code is enhanced
  • Transferring knowledge is very easy

Q35. Explain about re-factoring?

Ans. Correction of the code without modifying its functionality to enhance the performance is described Re-factoring.

Q36. What is incremental development?

Ans. Software is produced in portions or increments. In every increment. a part of the whole demand is passed.

Q37. Explain about test stub?

Ans. Test stub is a shortcode which is a replica of a particular component within the system and can also substitute it. Its output is the equivalent since the component it restores.

Q38. What do you know about tracer bullet?

Ans. Tracer bullet is described as a spike beside the prevailing design or the current collection of most excellent works. The goal of every tracer bullet is to check how a peer-to-peer process will operate and test probability.

Q39. What does the taskboard contain?

Ans. A taskboard which is a dashboard that contains

  • User story
  • To-Do tasks
  • In progress
  • To verify
  • Done 
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