Admin, DEPLOYMENT in C# .Net

16 October, 2020

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Not Admin



Message  box. show(“not Admin”);

new form().show ();



Execute the project then roles.Exe will be created under D:c194Rolesbindebug.  


(1)Windows XP   Screenshot_56  

Main() { If(“Hi”);   

Source code


  • Exe file is source code independent
  • Exe file executes successfully

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In the above diagram the copied exe file will be executed successfully in the client machine I,e the  project is deployed successfully Same diag

  Screenshot_57   }

  1. In this class, the project is not deployed successfully because in open it contains a file in the open method
  2. In the bore diagram the copied exe file will not be executed as it depends on c:abc.txt file, hence along with exe file abc.txt also must be copied.
  1. Deployment is a process providing all the required resources in order to execute an application successfully in the client machine.


  • client machine must have CLR Software
  • CLR Can be installed with the help of DOT NET FX35 Setup.exe file.
  • CLR Software is Free – Distributable.

i.e, No License need to be purchased.

  1. White a project is deploying all the resources like text file, image files, xml files need to be included.
  2. To deploy the project. NET introduced

FileScreenshot_24 new projectScreenshot_24 other project TypesScreenshot_24 Setup and Deployment Screenshot_24Setup wizard template.  

Ex: A process to deploy Roles project

  1. Open Roles project(Previous Example) and execute the project


Roles.exe file will be created under D:C194 RolesBinDebug Folder

  1. Open setup wizard with project name ROLE Based Security

(This name will be displayed in welcome screen)

3.Then a wizard will be opened

W1) Click next

W2) Select “Create a setup for a windows application” and click next.

W3) Add the files like*.txt,*.jpg,*.xml etc, If required then click next

W4) Click on finish


    Build the project(Build menuà Build solution)

S:-Roles based security.msi and stup.exe files are created under

c194roles based security/debug folder

Screenshot_24Only these two files need to be given to the client  

Steps for oracle database deployment:-


  1. U(Sers),(or)(3)(Tables):(2)U>

Export grants(yes/no):yes>

Export table data<yes/no: yes>

Compress extents(yes/no): yes>

C:oracleora90Bin>imp d:abc.dmp