WSDL(web service description language)

21 September, 2018


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  • WSDL are 2 types
  1. Abstract WSDL
  2. Concrete WSDL
Abstract WSDL Concrete WSDL
ElementsMessagesPort type Operation Abstract + Binding/service end point URL

  Synchronous: Single port is called synchronous, it has (input ,output) , (Receive, reply) Asynchronous: Multiple ports is called asynchronous, it has (input, input), (receive, call-back) One way: single port and no response is called one-way , it has (input),(Receive) Sample WSDL: <? XML version = “1.0” encoding = “UTF-8”?> <Schema> <element name=”add request element” > <complex Type> <Sequence> <element name=”n1”  Type = “int”/> <element name=”n2”  Type = “int”/> </Sequence> </complex Type> </element> <element name=”add Response element” > <complex Type> <Sequence> <element name=”result”  Type = “int”/> </Sequence> </complex Type> </element> </schema> <message name =”addition request message”> <part name =”payload” element =”Add request element”> </message> <message name =”addition response message”> <part name =”payload” element =”Add response element”> </message>

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Note: Synchronous and asynchronous same for here, after then Synchronous WSDL: <port type name =”Addition port type”> <operation name =”Add”> <input message =”addition request message”> <output message =”addition response message”> </operation> </port type> Asynchronous WSDL: <port type name =”Addition port type”> <operation name =”Add”> <input message =”addition request message”> </operation> </port type> <port type name =”Addition port type result”> <operation name =”result”> <input message =”addition response message”> </operation> </port type>

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Concrete WSDL contains:

  1. IP Address
  2. Port number
  3. Application name

    Instruction pattern/templates/message exchange patterns(MEPS):

synchronous Asynchronous One way
  1. Immediate Response
Delay response No response
  1. Contains only single port and defined input, output and fault message under operation
Contains multiple ports and defined only input message under operation. Contains single port type and only input message inside operation
  1. BPEL contains “receive and reply” activities
BPEL process contains “receive and call back activities” Only “receive” activity
  1. maximum default waiting time “45sec”
No time limit No time
  1. State less process
State full process No stateNote: There is no reply that’s why no state.

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