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15th May, 2020




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WPF Tutorials Overview

Welcome to WPF Tutorials. The objective of these tutorials is to gain an in-depth understanding of Microsoft WPF Framework. In these tutorials, we will cover topics such as WPF Architecture, WPF Events, WPF Controls, WPF Gradients etc.

History of WPF

User 32 standard control

This is first step for Microsoft towards GUI based environment This API provides support to standard controls like textboxes, buttons, labels etc.

GDI [graphical Device Interface]

This is enhancement of user 32 API and provides drawing capabilities likes circles. Rectangles, lines But does not support the images.


This API is enhancement of GDI which provide extra functionalities JPG, bitmap but does not support animations, 3D, Hardware accelerations etc

Direct X

It supports hardware accelerations, animations, 3D and it is completely limited far gaming, programming. But direct X cannot used for commercial application developments

WPF is a layer on the top of Direct X which provides Direct X features completely for commercial application developments using WPF we cannot perform any kind of gaming, programming

What is WPF?

WPF is the latest presentation API by Microsoft Windows. WPF is enhancement of windows forms applications. WPF is a next generation presentation system for building windows client application with very good and rich user interface elements using wpf we can create a wide range of both stand alone and browser hosted applications

WPF is Microsoft next generation UI framework to create the applications with rich user experience. WPF is included in .Net framework 3.0 version WPF combines user interface elements, 2D graphics, 3D graphics down ments and multimedia into one single framework. The back bone of WPF is completely XML based open standard in XAML. (extensible Application markup Language)

The core of WPF is a resolution independent vector based rendering engine is that is build to take advantage of modern graphics hardware. Complete class library of WPF is incorporated with .net framework

It is 2D and 3D graphic engine. Its capabilities include:-

  • All the common user controls. For example, check boxes, buttons, sliders etc.
  • Supports flow and fix format documents
  • all the functionality of Flash and HTML
  • Data binding
  • Multimedia
  • Animation

Features of WPF



Application development in WPF

The application development in WPF is scattered into following 5 – areas

  • Windows based desktop Application
  • Navigation Applications
  • XBAPS XAML Browser Applications
  • Custom control libraries
  • Class libraries


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