21 September, 2018


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  1. Button controls

11Button 11epeat Button

  1. Data Display controls
    • Data grid view
    • List view
    • Tree view
  2. Data display & selection controls
    • Calendar
    • Date time picker
  3. Dialog boxes
    • Open file dialog
    • Sure file dialog cu
    • Print dialog
  4. Data link controls
    • Ink canvas
    • Ink presenter
  5. Documents
    • Document views
    • Flow document page view
    • Flow document
    • Flow document scroll viewer
    • Sticky note control
  1. Input controls
    • Text box
    • Rich text Box
    • Pass word Box
  1. layers

11Border                                                       11Scrollbar 11Bullet Decorator                                    11Scroll viewer 11Canvas                                                      11stack panel 11Dock panel                                             11Stack panel 11Grid                                                            11Thump 11Expander                                                 11View Box 11Grids filter                                               11Virtual zing stack panel 11Panel                                                         11window 11Group box                                               11Wrap panel 11Resize grip 11separator

  1. Media Controls]

11Image 11Media Element 11Sound player action

  1. Menus

11 Content menu 11Menu 11Tool bar

  1. Navigation controls

11frame 11Hyperlink 11page 11Navigation window 11Tab control

  1. Selection controls

11Check Box 11Radio Button 11Combo box 11List Box 11Slider

  1. User Information controls

11Access Test 11Label 11popup 11progress bar 11status bar 11Tool tip  

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