Working with 2D graphics or 2D images in WPF

21 September, 2018


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Working with 2D graphics or 2D images

To work with 2D graphics we use different classes like ellipse, rectangle, path, geometry etc.   Ellipse:- Ellipse class or ellipse control is used to create ellipses and circles.  

Properties with Any 2D graphic elements:-

Stroke Stroke thinness Fill   Stroke:- This is used to give required border color to the 2D graphic image (or) figure   Stroke thinness:- This is used to give the required thickness to the border to the required 2D – image   Fill :- This property is used to fill the required color in to the 2D graph.  

Properties with ellipse control

Height Width   Rectangle:- This control is used to create rectangles & circle. Additional properties with rectangle – are   Screenshot_16   Radius x : is used to give the distance for the rounded corners from left and right borders   Radius y :- This property is used to set the distance of the rounded corners form the top and bottom borders   Path and Geometry classes will allow to create any kind of shapes. Like lines, ellipses, rectangles, curves, etc…..   Geometry class help us to create also groups geometry class supports following classes Line geometry class Ellipse geometry class Rectangle geometry class   Line geometry will allow to create the lines   Properties:-  Start pint endpoint Screenshot_17     Start point is used to mention  x and y coordinates for the beginning of a line End point is used to mention x and y coordinates for the ending of a line  

Ellipse geometry:-


Screenshot_18   Center: -  Is used to set the center for an ellipse or circle   Radius X :- Used to mention x- axis distance from the center of the ellipse or circle to x – axis

<Ellipse geometry center =(10,10)Radius X = “100” Radius is = “50%>

  Radius Y: - used to mention Y-axis distance from the center of the ellipse or circle to y – axis  

Y Rectangle Geometry /rect = “30,40,100,200 “stroke=”red%>

  Rectangle Geometry:- This class is used to create a Rectangle or circle  

Properties of Rectangle geometry:-

Rect:- is used to mention the start point of a rectangle, height and width of a rectangle Screenshot_19   Path: - is used to draw to open or closed shapes or curved shapes path class contains on important Property Known as data   Data:- is used to give required attributer to the path. This property contains some coding formats like ‘m’ indicates start position  L  indicates line position (or) end position →H -  Horizantal line                 C -  double work     Examples With path:- →<path data=”M 10, 20, L100, 150”/> Screenshot_20   →<path data = “M 10,20 H 100, 20⁰/>   →<path data = “M 10,20 H 10, 100⁰/> Screenshot_21   →<path Data = “M10,10 Q 100, 150, 250,10”/>   Code in Source <window x:class. “fxocmple2. Windos/” Xmins = “http;schemas Xmins s:= Title= “window1” height=”323; width= “321” <Grid> <path data = “M 10,20 L 100, 150 *stoke = “blue” stroke thickness=”3”/> </grid> </window <path data = “M 10, 160 Q 140,350 250,160” stroke = “red” stroke thickness =”2”/>   Screenshot_22   →<path data= “M 10,120 c 150, 160, 250, 140 250 160” stroke = “red%/> Screenshot_23  

Eg to draw concentric circles by using geometry group:-

Create a new WPF application Go to source write the following code <Window x3 clas= xmlns = nt <grid> <Path stroke= “Red” strokeThickness=”2” fill= “Green”/> <path.Data> <Geometry group> <Ellipse Geometry centre = “150,120” Radios X=”40” Radius Y=”40”/> <Ellipse geometry center = “150,120” Radios x= “60” Radius Y=”60”/> <Ellipse Geometry centre = “150,120” Radios x = “180”  / “80”/> “100”/> “120”/> </Geometry Group> <path. Data> <path>

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