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TekSlate’s PTC Windchill training allows you to gain expertise in PDMLink change process, product lifecycle management, and workflow administration, and windchill database technology. It teaches you the concepts like Windchill views, EPM document, reference link, workspace, and Library team. Our live projects and real-time use cases help you get an in-depth understanding of global attributes, object initialization rules, custom versioning scheme, Windchill profiles, access control policies, Windchill objects table, LifeCycle in OIR, Windchill profiles, Query result, Custom lifecycle roles, and customizing the rule algorithm. Trainees will also master the advanced concepts like MVC components, Windchill listeners, custom actions, and validations. Join our PTC Windchill online training to advance your career as a PTC Windchill developer.


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24 Hrs Instructor Led Training
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Self-paced Videos
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20 Hrs Project & Exercises
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Job Assistance
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Flexible Schedule
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Lifetime Free Upgrade
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PTC Windchill Course Content

1.   Overview

  • Introduction to Windchill
  • Understanding the Windchill PDMLink terminology and environment
  • Creating Products, Library, and Organization
  • Participant Group Management & Administration User
  • Library Creators and Assign Product
  • Creating and Managing the Folders
  • Creating and Managing the Parts Structures and Parts
  • Windchill Views
  • Creating and Handling documents structure and documents
  • Creating describe link and reference link
  • Creating EPM document, workspace, and objects in the workspace
  • Iteration, Revision, Checkout, Revise, Checkin, Revise, and Delete Actions
  • Creating and Managing the Library Team and Products
  • Adding users and groups to the role, Adding the group to another group
  • Creating and Managing the document templates within the library, product, and organization contexts.
  • Windchill PDMLink promotion process and modify updating the promotion preferences.
  • Windchill PDMLink Change process
  • Overview of Attribute Manager
  • OOTB Windchill types, Assigning new icon to soft type
  • Creating Standard & Global Attributes, Alias Attributes
  • Layout Customization, Hiding Attributes from different layouts
  • Adding Constraints to the Attributes
  • Graphic Attributes and Calculated Attributes
  • Creating and Managing Object Initialization rules
  • Creating Custom OIR, Configuring Manual Numbering, Auto Numbering, Lifecycle in OIR, custom versioning scheme
  • Windchill Domain Policy Architecture
  • Access control policies to soft type customization
  • Identifying the individual access control permissions and Ad Hoc access control
  • Uses of Windchill Profiles and Access Controls
  • Export Soft Type with Definition Exporter and Attributes
  • Creating Custom Versioning Scheme, reading, loading custom sequence
  • LoadFromFile and LoadFromSet Utility
  • Enabling the Configurable Link
  • Navigating to various Preferences
  • Lifecycle and Workflow Customization, Associate workflow and Lifecycle to soft type
  • Using the team templates and context teams for conducting the workflow role resolution
  • Creating the Custom Lifecycle roles and states through EnumCustomize Utility
  • Windchill Objects table and their relationships
  • Updating the data in the Windchill and Creating SQL Queries for retrieving the data.
  • Xconfmanager utility, Windchill utility, and various properties utilization
  • Custom Properties, Updating and Deleting the entries in Custom Properties
  • Eclipse Project Configuration, wtsafearea, and Windchill API
  • Windchill service framework and registering through xconf file
  • QuerySpec, Query Result, search condition, and statement spec
  • Creating the methods to get attribute values and set iba values
  • Customizing event listener and registering the listener
  • Creating the customer preference and using it in the java program
  • Creating the Windchill listeners for working only for particular containers
  • DB Column Length customization for WTPartmaster and increasing length for the number
  • Personalizing the rule algorithm for the object number
  • Creating a Windchill Independent Utility Program through RMI connection
  • Introduction to Action and Model, Creating Custom Model Files and Custom Actions
  • Creating the Resource Bundle for the custom actions through annotation
  • Introduction to MVC, MVC Components, and jceDebug Utility
  • Creating table builder and displaying the product parts details, attribute, and property panel
  • Introduction to Data Utilities and logging the data utilities, Calling the Data Utilities through MVC table
  • Introduction to Form Processor and different phases of form processing
  • Creating Custom Actions and Registering the form processor in Action and Mode
  • Custom Validations, Form Validation, and Action Validation

PTC Windchill Training Options

Self Paced Training

  • 30 Hrs of Live Recorded Videos
  • Life-time LMS Access
  • 100% Practical Approach

Online ClassroomRecommended
  • 30 Hrs of Live Training
  • Flexible Timing Options
  • Real-Time Projects
  • Job Assistance
  • Certification Guidance
  • Flexible EMI Options

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Why Corporates Choose Tekslate For Their Training Needs

Tekslate is the training partner for more than 120+ corporates across the globe having trained over 2000+ professionals. We are a one stop solution for skill upgrade for organizations and individuals to innovate and progress rapidly.

Flexible training options globally

Tailored curriculum to fit your project needs.

Assured practical exposure

We have got everything covered for any IT skill upgrade for your organization. We are just a click away.


PTC Windchill Online Training Objectives

The main objective of this PTC Windchill training is to make you a specialist in product lifecycle management. It accelerates your career by assisting you in mastering the in-depth concepts of windchill deployment and windchill database technology. With our well-designed course curriculum, instructor-led live training, and LMS, you will be able to clear the Windchill certification and get your dream job.

Having a fundamental understanding of project management processes and web navigation is helpful but not compulsory to join this PTC Windchill training.

This PTC Windchill training is suitable for Windchill Process Consultant, Windchill Developer, and Windchill PLM Analyst. Anyone who aspires to start their career in product lifecycle management training can join this PTC Windchill training.

Windchill offers unique features and functionalities throughout an extensive portfolio of core and advanced PLM applications. The open architecture of Windchill allows simple integration with other business systems. It delivers a strong foundation of the product-driven digital thread. The PTC also offers highly configurable task-based and role-based applications. Companies like Raytheon, General Atomics, Harris Corporation, RTX use PTC Windchill for handling their products. According to, the average salary of a PTC Windchill developer in the US is around $100K per annum.

During this PTC Windchill training, you will master the following skills:

  • EPM Document
  • Library Creators
  • Participant Group Management
  • Adding Constraints to the Attributes
  • Attribute Manager
  • ‘Global Attributes
  • Lifecycle in OIR
  • Windchill Profiles
  • Windchill Listeners
  • Query Result
  • Layout Customization

After completing this PTC Windchill training, you will be able to start your career in a rapidly evolving field. Following job roles are offered to PTC Windchill professionals:

  • Windchill Developer
  • Windchill PDM Developer
  • PLM Developer.

Tekslate Advantage:

Real - World Projects

With real-world projects you’ll gain working experience that companies require while you get hired.

Career Services

Our career services include mock interviews, certification assistance and guide you to prepare your professional resume that gets you hired.

Flexible Learning Options

Customize your curriculum as per your project needs, learn at your own pace or choose the schedule that fits best to you.

Mentor Support

Our expert mentors help you when you are stuck in any time of the training sessions and help you stay on track.

PTC Windchill Training Course Reviews


I had enrolled for PTC Windchill course from Tekslate. The process for enrollment was extremely easy. The course details were explained c



It has been a pleasure getting associated with Tekslate for PTC Windchill course. It eased the way of learning besides giving a competiti



The information is very well categorized and is not overloaded with unnecessary information. The online course had all necessary topics c



Upon completion of the training you’ll be provided a course completion certificate which adds weightage to your resume and increases your chances of getting hired.


  • Certification Assistance
  • Certification Sample Questions
  • FAQs about PTC Windchill Course

    PTC Windchill is an advanced feature of PLM Software for collaborating and managing all the aspects of the information about our product manufacturing and development process. It serves as a source of product information all the way down and up the organization.

    SQL Server and Oracle support PTC Windchill.

    The full form of PLM is “Product Lifecycle Management.”

    The PTC Windchill certification is a professional assurance that you have proven your proficiency in PTC Windchill technology.

    Follow these steps to get Windchill certification:

    • First, Join our PTC Windchill training to master the Windchill concepts.
    • After that, work on industry-based projects and scenarios to get practical exposure.
    • Clear the PTC Windchill certification.

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