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Tekslate’s PTC Windchill training provides a comprehensive overview of Windchill PLM administration and configuration, Windchill PDMLink Change process and its execution, customization of Lifecycle & workflows, and Windchill server-side customizations. You will also be provided with two real-time industry based projects during training which will enable you to easily acquire job in PTC Windchill domain.

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A complete index of
job-ready skills curated
to meet the industrial need.

Overview of Windchill Concepts

  • Windchill PLM Overview

  • Understand the Windchill PDMLink environment and terminology

  • Create an organization

  • Participant Administration User & Group Management

  • Create and manage product and library contexts

  • Assign product and library creators

  • Create and manage Parts

  • Create and manage Parts structures

  • Create and Manage Folders

  • Create and manage documents

  • Create and manage documents Structure

  • Create EPM Document

  • Concept of workspace and Create and manage objects in workspace

  • Concept of iteration, Version, Revision

  • Create and Manage Product Library Team

  • Create and manage document templates within product, library, and organization contexts

  • Introduction to Type and Attribute Manager

  • Extending OOTB Windchill Types

  • Create Global Attributes and link it to New Soft Type

  • Customization of Layouts

  • Adding Constraints to Attribute

  • Identify and set object initialization rules

  • Customize product and library context templates

  • Administer administrator-saved searches

  • Administer Windchill views

  • Understand the Windchill domain policy architecture

  • Define access control policies to Customized Soft Type

  • Identify individual access control permissions

  • Customization of Windchill Profiles, Hide actions using Profiles

  • Understand the Windchill PDMLink Promotion process

  • Understand the Windchill PDMLink change process

  • Create and manage Promotion Request

  • Create and manage Change Request, Change Notice, Change Activity

  • Identify the pre-configured Windchill change management functions

  • Create, manage, and edit promotion preferences

  • Introduction to Lifecycle and Workflow Administration.

  • Customization Lifecycle and Workflow.

  • Introduction to Object Initialization rules, updating and Developing new Rules.

  • Associate life cycle and workflow to Soft Type.

  • Use Context Teams and team templates to conduct workflow role resolution.

  • Create a custom Lifecycle States and Roles.

  • Windchill Folder Structure

  • Windchill Shell

  • xconfmanager

  • Configuring Properties and Preferences

  • Understand Different Windchill Properties Usage

  • Registering the Custom Properties

  • Deleting and updating entries in Custom Properties

  • Windchill API Walkthrough

  • Introduction to jcaDebug Utility

  • Debugging in logs

  • Overview of Windchill Objects Table and their links

  • Understand how data gets updated in Windchill when new objects created

  • Create SQL queries to retrieve the data

  • Create SQL queries to update the data

  • Overview of Action and Model

  • Create a Resource Bundle File

  • Using Annotation

  • Overview of Form Processor

  • Pre and Post Process

  • Register Form Processor in Action and model

  • Overview of Windchill Service

  • Creating and managing and Customize Standard Service

  • Debugging the Windchill Service

  • Best Practice of Customization the Windchill Service

  • Overview of Data Utilities

  • Registering the Data Utilities

  • Overview of calling a DataUtilities from jsp or java

  • Overview of Windchill Stand Alone Utilities

  • Usage of Windchill Java Utilities

  • Debugging the Windchill StandAlone Utilities

  • Update or create the data using java Program

  • Customization Event Listener

  • Register a Listener

  • Debug Event Listener in Eclipse.

  • Best Practice of Managing Event Listener

  • MVC Overview

  • Create Table builder and display product details

  • Other topics

We have made a tailored curriculum covering the latest industry-ready concepts to serve every individual’s learning desires.

PTC Windchill Training  Objectives

By the end of the PTC Windchill training at Tekslate, you will be able to

  • Get an overview of PTC Windchill architecture.
  • Manage the visualization system publication.

  • Operate Windchill components.

  • Gain knowledge on concepts of Windchill workflows, Windchill database, and queues management.

  • Implement file vaulting and content replication.

  • Many top companies around the world have started using PTC Windchill technology and its demand is going to increase rapidly in near future.

  • The average salary of PTC Windchill analyst is $93,791 USD per year.

  • As demand for Windchill is increasing rapidly, many top multinational companies are offering job opportunities for PTC Windchill professionals around the world.


The following job roles will get benefited by joining this course:

  • Windchill end user
  • Windchill developers

  • Windchill process consultant

  • Windchill PLM analyst

  • Windchill system or business administrators

  • Windchill techno functional consultant

  • Aspirants who are aiming for a  career in PTC Windchill

  • Basic web navigation skills.

  • Basic understanding of process management processes and deliverables.

  • We will offer two real-time industry-based projects with a skilled trainer, who can help you with providing in-depth knowledge throughout the project.
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Success Stories from Future Digital Leaders

I had enrolled for PTC Windchill course from Tekslate. The process for enrollment was extremely easy. The course details were explained clearly and the same was shared in the email immediately. The learning experience was great! Overall satisfied experience with Tekslate.


It has been a pleasure getting associated with Tekslate for PTC Windchill course. It eased the way of learning besides giving a competitive edge and bringing them into practical use through projects. Cloud lab access and trainers interest to answer trainees questions helped me to succeed. Got certified and got ahead. Thank you Tekslate.


The information is very well categorized and is not overloaded with unnecessary information. The online course had all necessary topics covered very well.


PTC Windchill Training  FAQ'S

Have questions? We’ve got the answers. Get the details on how you can grow in this course.

  • Our trainers are well experienced professionals and certified in working with front-end development technologies.
  • We will record all the Live sessions you go through, and we will send the recording of the class you missed.
  • For practical execution, our trainer will provide server access to the student. 

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