Web driver back selenium:-


1) we can write both web driver selenium commands in a single class

2) we can convert the selenium RC program to web driver.


**Describe the steps to convert the selenium RC program to web driver?

2comment the default selenium object

2create web driver and web driver back selenium objects.

2comment the command selenium.start(); became we can’t launch more sessions[browsers] in a single execution.

Public webdriver driver;

Public selenium selenium;

Public void open url()  {

Driver =new firefoxdriver();

Selenium= new webdriverbackedselenium(driver,”http-url”);



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  • It is also an open source automation tool developed in java
  • We are using sikuli has a add on to selenium to support desktop,flex,flash and webelements also
  • We can download sikuli from the below site
  • http://launchpod.net/sikuli/+download
  • Download “sikuli-setup-jar”file.
  • Create new folder copy sikuli-setup-jar file passed it into some folder
  • Double click on sikuli-setup-jar file it displays a message and follow the instruction.
  • Go run àcmdàopen command window à type “cd D: \ siluil’ à click enter à type “D:”à click enter à type “runsetup.cmd” à click enter
  • We are going to use the sikuli ide
  • Go to the path were we have posted the sikuli setup jar file[e://sikuli]
  • Double click on run ide.cmd file
  • It opens sikuli ide
  • Cli ck on take screenshot option and capture the respective image.
  • Create a folder in any desired drive anew folder with “sikuli” extent ion and stores the screen shots into that folder.



By default sikuil create a new folder with “.Siluli” sefinition and stores the screen shots into that folder

Package sikuli;

Import org.sikuli.script.screen;

Import org.testing.anitation.test;

Public class sample {

Public screen s=new screen();


Public void f() throws exception {

s.click(“e://workspace-10 am\\sikulimerger.sikuli\\(39[]”ghjhpng”);



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By using sikuli we can perform below actions

1) type();

2) click();

3) double click();

4) Right click();

5) over():-It performs mouse over actions

6) drag drop():-It is to perform drag & drop action

We can drag element from source to destination.

7) exits():-It works same as like is displayed or in element present in selenium.

2write a program to mouse over on “about us” then click on “carrier” in spicejet.com by using webdriver &sikuli?

Public class mouseover {

Public webdriver driver;

Public screen s;


Public void f() throws exception {


s.hover(“e:\\workspace 10 am\\sikuliimages.sikuli\\[]………,png”);

driver.find element(by.linktest(“carner”)).click();



*write a program to compare gmail by using web driver & sikuli?

2write a program to drag a file and drop it any target folder ?

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